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Cooperation About Single Acting/Double Acting Gas-Liquid Booster Pump

Cooperation About Single Acting/Double Acting Gas-Liquid Booster Pump


Single acting/double acting gas-liquid booster pumps of Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Equipment Co., Ltd. have passed customer acceptance! In order to cooperate with the customer to complete the natural gas booster pump project as soon as possible, Suncenter worked overtime for the customer and finally completed the acceptance test successfully one week before the limited delivery date and delivered it to the site!

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\This batch of single acting/double acting gas-liquid booster pump uses single air control non-equilibrium gas distribution valve to realize the automatic reciprocating movement of the pumpnatural gas booster pump, pump body gas driven parts are all made of aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy parts after processing by oxidation treatment into black, to ensure the appearance of the product beautiful and never rust. Part of the material of the liquid is carbon steel or stainless steel according to the different medium, the full set of sealing parts of the pump are imported high quality products, so as to ensure the performance of the pump. The diameter of this series driven piston is 160mm.

In the production process, Suncenter actively innovates, and sets itself in the customer's use position, when the set final pressure is reached, the pump will automatically stop operation, long-term pressure maintenance without energy consumption, and the medium will not produce overheating phenomenon when the pressure is maintained, increased production capacity, met the requirements of safety and environmental protection, and low labor intensity. In this respect, hydraulic pressure is equal to the set air pressure multiplied by the pressure ratio of the pump. When the device reaches a predetermined pressure, it will automatically stop running and maintain pressure until the pressure drops due to leakage.

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The natural gas booster pump device will automatically start and run until a preset pressure is reached. According to the specific requirements of customers, we provide the corresponding power units. At the same time, a lot of technical innovation has been made on the basis of the original process, it has the characteristics of adjusting the driven air pressure to control the working pressure, simple installation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance. The improved production process and technical standard can be demonstrated and popularized in industrialization.

In the process of acceptance, the customer highly recognized the single acting/double acting gas-liquid booster pumps of Suncenter, and appreciated the advanced production equipment of Suncenter, the product quality conforms to the standard, and the production capacity, process technology and economic indicators all reach the acceptance standard.

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At the end of the inspection, the customer agrees that the products of Suncenter have played a positive role in promoting the economic benefits of the enterprise, 

promoting the development of high technology level of production, accelerating the transformation of scientific research results, promoting the development of local economy, increasing employment and promoting the development of the enterprise.


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