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Suncenter Pneumatic Booster System

Suncenter Pneumatic Booster System


一: Natural gas booster pump Low cost and high efficiency

1. All stainless steel customized equipment, strong and durable, long service life

2. Equipped with pressure sensors to achieve automatic pressure setting and control

3, stable performance, low cost for use and maintenance

4, equipped with three DGT60 high pressure pumps to achieve large flow and high pressure output, to achieve rapid pressing

5, simple operation equipment, reliable and low consumption, low operating costs

Pressure Bursting Test Machine-1.jpg

二: Diverse application scenarios

1. It has the characteristics of acid, alkali, high temperature and abrasion resistance, so it is suitable for many special enterprises for liquid pressurization and fluid pressure stabilization under the conditions of acid and alkali environment

2.Can provide customers with a variety of high quality pneumatic booster products, can be used in pressure testing, hydraulic testing, pressure test bench, pressure resistance testing, leakage testing, safety valve testing, air tightness testing, valve testing, refrigerant infusion, gas canning, accumulator inflation

3.It is widely used for secondary pressurization of factory compressed air, filling of nitrogen and hydrogen high pressure reaction kettle, and other occasions requiring various high pressure gases

4.Standard matching operation is simple and easy to get started, the indicator interface is clear

5.The moderate fuselage design facilitates working in a variety of environments

6.The fuselage is strong and easy to store and transport. Adhering to the Dongguan Suncenter has always been good quality, lasting reliability, efficient operation rate, and flexible, easy to operate and other characteristics, give the impression of being reliable, convenient, flexible and powerful

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 三:the effect of pressurization and pressure stabilization is more prominent

1. Three DGT60 high pressure pumps have high flow output, with higher pressurization and more stable flow

2. Stable sensor makes the equipment quiet and stable during operation

3. Faster working speed, 10% higher than similar products

4. Having passed the test of long-term use, the performance is very reliable even in special environments such as acid and alkali

gas filling station

gas booster station

gas booster system

gas booster pump system

Dongguan Suncenter firmly believes that there is a two-way relationship between customers and enterprises, and has been committed to providing customers with all kinds of fluid, gas needed for pressurization and pressure control equipment



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