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Reliable And Efficient, Suncenter's Bolt And Nut Riveting Machine Achieves “Zero Pollution”

Reliable And Efficient, Suncenter's Bolt And Nut Riveting Machine Achieves “Zero Pollution”


The rivet-free connection technology uses a riveting machine and a special joint mold to form a stress-free concentrated internal mosaic circle with a certain tensile strength and shear strength through an instantaneous high-pressure machining process based on the cold extrusion deformation of the material of the plate itself. Point, you can connect two or more layers of different materials with different thicknesses. The rivet-free connection technology does not require any surface on the surface of the panel, and the original coating and paint layer on the surface of the panel at the joint is not damaged. The connection process is highly automated and can be connected at the same time at a single point or multiple points. This technology is more reliable, safer and more automated than other traditional connections!


In February 2019, Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd. customized a “super deep throat” bolt and nut riveting machine according to the actual requirements of customers.


This Suncenter super deep throat bolt nut riveting machine has a 100CM throat depth and is widely used in relatively large products. The workpiece is bolted, screwed, nut, nut column riveted, various electrical shell processing, chassis cabinet, Production and other processes. Instead of traditional welding, or sheet metal tapping and other processes, the use of special rivet screws, nuts, can be quickly riveted. This equipment only needs 8bar compressed air as the air source, which can generate hydraulic pressure, fast speed, soft contact, high efficiency and no pollution.

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With its own resource advantages and excellent technical team, Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd. continuously develops new equipment and fully utilizes automation technology to manufacture “stable, accurate and fast” automation equipment, enabling customers to process and manufacture high-precision quality products. For customers to better improve production efficiency and save production costs.


Regardless of any requirements from customers, Suncenter always thinks from the perspective of the customer and solves the factory processing problems for the customer. With 20 years of craftsmanship, Suncenter works with you to create the future!

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