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Pneumatic Pressurization System With Pressure Sensor For Automatic Pressure Setting And Control

Pneumatic Pressurization System With Pressure Sensor For Automatic Pressure Setting And Control


Pneumatic pressurization system is a device equipped with a pneumatic booster pump as the core and equipped with various spare parts. It is widely used for secondary pressurization of compressed air in factories, filling of nitrogen and hydrogen high pressure reactors, and other various needs. High pressure gas occasions. At present, with the rapid development of China's economy, the demand and requirements for fluid control equipment such as pneumatic booster systems continue to increase, leading to fiercer competition in the industry.


As a company specializing in the fields of compressed gas, industrial gas and fluid liquid, Dongguan Suncenter (hereinafter referred to as “Suncenter”) has been committed to providing customers with various types of fluids and gases required for boost voltage regulation. The equipment has the advantages of stable performance and fineness, which can meet the strict requirements of all walks of life. This time we introduce a pneumatic booster system equipped with a pressure sensor.

The pneumatic booster system is fully custom-made stainless steel, equipped with a pressure sensor for automatic pressure setting and control. In addition, three DGT60 high-pressure pumps are equipped to achieve high flow and high pressure output for fast pressure suppression.

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1. High quality and high durability: customers in some industries may have strong acidity and strong alkalinity, etc., and low-quality pneumatic pressurization equipment may not be normal under special circumstances such as acid and alkali due to material and other problems. Use, this is also a problem that users are very worried about. Dongguan Suncenter's aluminum alloy pneumatic pressurization system network has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and high wear resistance, so it can be applied to fluid pressure and fluid pressure regulation in many special enterprises under acid and alkali conditions. .

2. Variety Meet the different needs of users: According to different user needs, Dongguan Suncenter can customize the customer's exclusive pneumatic pressurization equipment. Different boost ratios, different flow outputs, and different parts. Dongguan Suncenter Company can provide customers with various high-quality pneumatic supercharged products, which can be applied to pressure test, hydraulic pressure test, pressure test bench, pressure test, leak test, safety valve test, air tight test and valve test. , refrigerant infusion, gas cans, accumulators inflated.

People-oriented We firmly believe that customers and enterprises are two-way: Dongguan Suncenter is people-oriented. Whether it is auditing, products, after-sales service, or total service quality and production capacity, we strive to improve profit margins and reduce costs for our customers.

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For a long time, Dongguan Suncenter has firmly believed that the relationship between customers and enterprises is two-way. By establishing and maintaining long-term, reliable and successful relationships with customers, it will bring important impetus to the company in the process of research and development of production equipment and service development. . The timely feedback from customers not only promotes equipment upgrades, but also helps companies master the demand, and customers will get better pneumatic booster equipment.

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