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Screw pump electrical installation points of the unit

by:Suncenter     2020-08-13
Screw pump electrical installation point 1 of the unit. Screw pumps before the installation, should first check whether the pump shaft is flexible rotation, if discover the pump shaft rotation is not flexible, have a voice, pump axial-radial shook, should troubleshooting again after installation. Second check whether there is any damage on the water hose, such as have a craze to timely repair. The third check whether there is any loose on the fastening bolts, to tighten loose bolts. After check the screw pump motor windings, insulation resistance of cable, only not less than 0. 5 ohms is allowed to install and use. 2. Right of distribution power line should be chosen according to the rules, cable overhead, the power cord is not too long, if the distance is farther, power supply and the water pump to use connection cable wire cross-sectional area should be appropriately increased, joint should be less as far as possible, in order to reduce the line pressure drop. Screw pump under 10 kw can directly start, good control device adopts the automatic air circuit breaker, if no such appliances, also can use the knife switch, but must according to the working current of screw pump installation suitable for the fuse. More than 10 kw screw gas booster pump should be equipped with step-down starting cabinet, to protect the safe operation of pump. Cable need to be put into the water pipe flange of the slots and water resistance bands will cable is fixed on the output pipe. Screw pump in the water or water do not make the cable force, lest cause the power cable fault, at the same time, prevent the cable under the Wells in the process of abrasion. 3. There should be two levels of leakage protection measures to ensure safety, can be in damp ground near the power or water pumps into a length of 1 m above the metal bar as the grounding system of screw pump. As well as installation install leakage protector. Because of the screw pump work underwater, easy leakage power loss or even cause accident getting an electric shock. If equipped with leakage protector, as long as the screw pump leakage value than leakage protector action current value ( Is generally not more than 30 ma) , the leakage protector will cut off the power of the screw pump, avoid leakage, ensure safety. 4. Check motor rotation direction before enter the water because there are many types of forward and inversion are available out of the water pump, but when the inversion of water yield and large current, its reversal after a long time will damage motor windings. Screw pumps before enter the water, therefore, first connect power check the direction of rotation is correct. If the three-phase reverse screw pump impeller, should stop, change the cable in the three-phase contact can be any two phase conductor. 5. The installation position of screw gas booster pump to correct oil-filled type screw pump into depth should be 0. 35 ~ 3 m, shall not exceed 10 m deep; Dry type, half dry, water filling type screw pump, dive into the depth of 1 m, will affect the mechanical seal role too deep. Screw pump in diving, vertical lift, not lying and not fall into the mud, otherwise it will lead to motor burn out because of his poor cooling motor windings. When encountered in the process of the screw gas booster pump in the well if stuck phenomenon, should lift a little, turn the card board to try to fall gently, if measures are not effective, so the screw pump well find out the reason again after the well is put forward. For the screw pump water, good on the outside of the water filter on bamboo basket or barbed wire, otherwise, weeds dirt into the pump, may clog impeller or inlet. 6. Small screw pump with special installation requirements for small screw pump, due to much for the temporary installation, connect the water hose to screw pumps water connector, wire tube card or 8th fastened tighten, prevent loose or leaking. Installed after the hoisting cable and the hose should be fixed, cannot let hose sustain tension, otherwise, cause the breach of rubber hose or joint loose. Into or out of the water, need 4 mm diameter steel wire rope, slowly will screw pumps submerged in the water or the water is put forward. Key words: oil pump power plant, the import axial plunger pump, variable piston pump production
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