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Several methods of axial piston pump maintenance

by:Suncenter     2020-08-08
Axial piston pump manufacturer set of copper set of cylinder body, can choose to replace copper sets of equipment. First put a set of piston rod diameter modification to the standard together, with more than 1000 # sandpaper polishing outer diameter. Copper cylinder equipment sets of three kinds of methods: ( 一) Cylinder heating hot charging or copper set of low temperature freezing kneading, interference device; ( b) Mining have loctite adhesive equipment, the za way beg copper coat outside diameter are groove surface; ( c) Cylinder hole tapping, processing copper sleeve diameter thread, tuliey Thai rubber after screwing in equipment. Plunger gas booster pump is a major equipment of the hydraulic system. It relies on plunger reciprocating motion in the cylinder, the volume of the sealing work chamber should change to end of oil absorption, oil pressure. Plunger pump with high pressure rated, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient traffic control and other interests, is widely used in high pressure, large flow rate and flow needs recuperate occasions, such as hydraulic press, engineering machinery and ship. Axial piston gas booster pump is applied parallel to the shaft of plunger in the plunger reciprocating motion in holes of volume change for work. Because of the plunger and plunger hole are circular parts, machining collaboration can reach high precision, thus high volumetric efficiency, smooth operation, good flow uniformity, low noise, work pressure high interest, but the pollution of hydraulic oil is adjustable, the structure is mixed and disorderly, cost is higher. Melt contact way of the cylinder block and the copper tubes of equipment as follows: ( 一) Selection of grinding rods, grinding modified cylinder hole craft or mechanical method; ( b) Choose coordinate boring machine, cylinder boring from scratch; ( c) Selects the reamer fixed cylinder body hole. ( 3) Choose 'engineering' appearance, method is as follows: ( 一) Electroplating technology: the column in the table a layer of hard chromium plating, beyond the Great Wall ( b) The brush plating technology: column in the table beyond the Great Wall brush plating wear-resistant materials; ( c) Thermal spraying or electric arc spraying or electrical coating: coating high carbon martensite wear-resistant materials; ( d) Laser deposition: in the column table deposited high hardness, wear-resistant alloy powder beyond the Great Wall. ( 4) Cylinder hole without copper set of materials are mostly of nodular cast iron cylinder body, in the preparation of amorphous thin film or coating on the inner wall of the cylinder block. Because the cylinder hole wall with this especially material, so to adjust a hard - Hard pair of friction pair. Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger gas booster pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump manufacturers
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