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Specially designed for large pump and motor life

by:Suncenter     2020-08-22
and motor designed for big life, performance and quiet operation and design, a clear alignment in one-piece steel channel base. Axis and flexible coupling connected directly; Rotating parts from rigid, closely cooperate with steel OSHA shield protection. For external protection, the suit is coating and coated with oil resistance, water resistance and solvent resistance of polyurethane enamel paint. For ease of inspection and maintenance, component by bolt on the base, but from the top of unit. The pump is double rotation, positive displacement, internal gear type, with cast iron shell self-adjusting mechanical seal. As a positive displacement natural gas booster pump, the pump need to overpressure relief valve, to prevent accidental closed or blocked discharge pipe. for continuous and intermittent work. Standard motor USES the base installation, has the standard NEMA frame, USES the totally enclosed fan cooled structure. The oil pump in the internal combustion engine cycle of engine oil on the bearing under pressure, the sliding on the piston and the engine camshaft. So can be lubricated bearing, allows the use of high volume of fluid bearings, and help to cool the engine. In addition to the main purpose of the lubrication, pressure oil are increasingly used as a small power actuators. In this way it is worth noting that the purpose is one of the camshaft and valve driven hydraulic tappet. Recently more and more common purpose may include synchronous belt tensioner or used for transmission of variable valve timing system. Key words: oil natural gas booster pump power plant, oil pump unit equipment, electric pump power plant manufacturers
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