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Stainless steel electric gear pump unit running fever which can be affected

by:Suncenter     2020-09-11
Stainless steel pump electric pump of unit running fever what impact: stainless steel pump electric unit co2 transfer pump running fever, directly affects the normal work of the stainless steel pump, heating phenomenon caused harm, mainly has the following points: ( 1) Raise the temperature of working fluid, make work the viscosity of the liquid drops, the leakage of the pump increases, the actual flow of the pump have fallen; ( 2) Hydraulic systems and components of seal under the high temperature metamorphic, elastic degeneration ability lower, lower the sealing performance, even seal failure, leakage increase; ( 3) When hydraulic valve parts of valve core, valve body materials, thermal expansion coefficient at the same time, the different between valve core and valve body by thermal expansion valve core is stuck phenomenon, the stainless steel pump can't work; ( 4) Work the viscosity of the liquid drop, lower the lubrication performance of the working fluid, the abrasion of hydraulic components, accelerated the wear failure of components, shorten the service life of the components. In order to avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon, some stainless steel gear pump in the use of time, had to stop to make the system cooling, which reduces the stainless steel pump, is analyzed. the influence the construction progress. Fever, therefore, should be aimed at system reason, adopt corresponding measures to control the temperature of the hydraulic system, ensure the normal use of stainless steel pump. Key words: oil co2 transfer pump power plant, oil pump unit equipment, electric pump power plant manufacturers
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