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Suncenter Hydrogen Booster and Filling Machine

Suncenter Hydrogen Booster and Filling Machine


Suncenter Hydrogen Booster and Filling Machine: A Cutting-Edge Solution for Hydrogen Refueling

Suncenter's Hydrogen Booster and Filling Machine stands out as a state-of-the-art solution catering to the needs of various hydrogenation applications, including hydrogen-powered drones, 

forklifts, and sightseeing cars with low filling volumes. This high-performance and cost-effective system is designed to efficiently meet the refueling requirements of small hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

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1. Hydrogen Booster Pump Technology:

   The system utilizes air-driven hydrogen booster pumps for pressurization, achieving pressures ranging from 35 to 70MPA. This cutting-edge technology ensures a reliable and efficient refueling process.

2. Versatile Gas Sources:

   The Hydrogen Booster and Filling Machine can use a variety of gas sources, including hydrogen cylinder rack bundles, long tube trailers, and purified hydrogen from hydrogen production. This versatility 

   makes it adaptable to different hydrogen supply scenarios.

3. Comprehensive System Components:

   The machine comprises essential components such as the hydrogen booster system, refueling system, cooling system, and control system. Key elements include the hydrogen booster pump, 

   high-pressure pipe valves, and an advanced control system.

Regulatory Compliance:

Suncenter's commitment to quality and safety is evident through its adherence to industry standards and regulations. The system complies with key standards such as:

- GB 50516-2010 (2021): "Technical Code for Hydrogen Fuelling Station"

- GB/T 2914-2012: "Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Facilities for Demonstration Specifications"

- GB/T 31139-2014: "Safety Technical Regulations for Mobile Hydrogen Refueling Facility"

- ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 9001:2015: Ensuring compliance with specifications for the design, manufacture, service, and maintenance of high-pressure pumps, gas booster pumps, 

valves, accessories, and systems, as well as the development, production, and sale of high-pressure hoses and fittings.


Suncenter's Hydrogen Booster and Filling Machine stands at the forefront of hydrogen refueling technology, offering a reliable, efficient, and compliant solution for various hydrogen-powered applications. 

With its advanced features and adherence to industry standards, it presents a promising contribution to the evolving landscape of hydrogen fueling infrastructure.

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