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Suncenter's "Black Technology" Pneumatic Hydraulic Tube Expander

Suncenter's "Black Technology" Pneumatic Hydraulic Tube Expander


Pneumatic hydraulic tube expanding machine is an indispensable equipment in the factory. There are requirements in the policy, and it is really needed in practice. It is a special hydraulic expansion device for expansion connection. The use of hydraulic expansion technology has low manufacturing cost and labor. The advantages of light strength, short manufacturing cycle and uniform and reliable expansion quality bring high efficiency to the boss and employees. Moreover, it also has the characteristics of energy saving and high efficiency, and caters to the requirements of a clean and tidy working environment in line with the market environment.

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Now there are all kinds of tube expanders on the market, different functions, etc. Many people don't know how to choose them. Today, Suncenter introduces a very popular product - pneumatic hydraulic tube expander.


What is the difference between the pneumatic hydraulic tube expander, the Suncenter pneumatic hydraulic tube expander and the ordinary tube expander? Let us explain the characteristics of the Suncenter pneumatic hydraulic tube expander:

1. Pneumatic hydraulic tube expander is visible to the naked eye

The pneumatic hydraulic expansion tube can increase the efficiency to over 95%. The pneumatic hydraulic tube expander consists of three parts, the electric control part, the air drive pressurization system and the expansion joint. The electronic control uses sensor digital display control. The gas-driven supercharging system uses two Suncenter high-pressure liquid superchargers. It can be quickly boosted, and the boosting time within a length of 5 mm with a diameter of 25 mm reaches a predetermined pressure within several tens of seconds. Including the supercharger host, high pressure hose, expansion head card sleeve tooling three parts.

2. Pneumatic hydraulic tube expander works stably for a long time with low failure rate

The working principle of various pneumatic hydraulic tube expanders is not complicated, but how to work stably for a long time in high temperature and high humidity environment is the key technology. The difference in performance between high-end and low-end products is greater than that of minivans and Mercedes-Benz off-road vehicles. The purpose of installing the pneumatic hydraulic tube expander is to avoid trouble rather than trouble. If the equipment failure rate is high, even if the after-sales service of the manufacturer can keep up, frequent equipment maintenance will cause a lot of trouble for normal business.

3. High efficiency pneumatic hydraulic tube expanding machine is widely used

The heat sink has a plurality of heat pipes, a base, a heat sink fin assembly, and a bracket. Since the heat pipe has a small thickness and a large number of heat sink fins, the connection is troublesome, and the gap between the heat pipe and the heat sink fins needs to be eliminated (0.3 mm). -0.4mm) An interference fit is achieved to prevent loosening. This is the role of the tube expander. It has been widely used in the manufacture of heat exchangers in the fields of petrochemical, electric power, boiler, nuclear power, refrigeration, etc., greatly improving the quality and production efficiency of domestic heat exchanger equipment.

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