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Why Choose Ultra-High Pressure And High Purity Gas Booster Pump

Why Choose Ultra-High Pressure And High Purity Gas Booster Pump


With the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, the application of high-pressure and ultra-high pressure gas in the national economy and national defense field has become more and more extensive. Aerospace, geological survey, petrochemical, special equipment manufacturing, photoelectric instrumentation, diving, fire fighting and other industries in the national economy; nuclear weapons, missiles, aircraft, ships, tanks, artillery and various new concept weapons and equipment in the national defense and military fields Research institutes, laboratories and other places require a large number of high-purity, high-pressure and high-pressure gases. However, gas pressurization, especially the pressurization of high-purity gas, still has technical difficulties. The conventionally constructed gas boosters such as piston boosters, diaphragm boosters and screw superchargers are limited by structure. Only part of the pressurization that can be used for high-purity gas is difficult to achieve the requirements of small size, light weight, and flexible movement. At the same time, the conventional supercharger uses electric motor to provide power, can not be applied to the unpowered power supply place and is flammable and easy. Explosion and electromagnetic interference require high environment and equipment. In response to the above problems, through unremitting efforts and bold innovation, we have developed a state-of-the-art miniaturized high-purity gas-pumping pressurization equipment to fill the technical gap of high-purity gas miniaturization equipment at home and abroad.


What is the miniaturization of high-purity gas-gas booster equipment?

It refers to the gas booster pump, which is a high-pressure fluid that we independently developed and driven by a low-pressure gas of a large-area piston end to produce a small-area piston end. It can be used to compress air and other gases, and the output air pressure can be adjusted steplessly by driving the air pressure. Since its appearance, it has been greatly welcomed by all walks of life.

Where is the miniaturized high-purity gas-gas booster?

The gas booster pump produced by Dongguan Suncenter is very reliable, with good quality and perfect performance. Each product adopts German imported sealing ring to ensure better sealing performance, and its high quality aluminum alloy material is enough to be able to withstand gas pressure. Up to a hundred times. Suncenter gas booster pump has beautiful appearance and high appearance, firm structure, flexible opening, safe and confidential, fireproof and explosion-proof. In particular, Dongguan Suncenter is strictly responsible for the production of pneumatic gas booster pumps. Each product is checked and rigorously screened. The quality can withstand the test and is guaranteed to be delivered to everyone. Every product is a boutique. Therefore, the development of Sai Sen has been deeply loved by customers!

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