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What Is The Price Of a Precision Pneumatic Gas Booster Pump

What Is The Price Of a Precision Pneumatic Gas Booster Pump


Just asking the price of a precision pneumatic gas booster pump is not well defined, but also depends on the customer's own needs. For example, where is the precision gas-driven gas booster pump positioned? How many times is the boost ratio? There are other factors, etc., will make the price of pneumatic booster pump far apart!

But buying high-precision fluid control machinery can't just look at the price of the equipment, especially for high-precision equipment such as pneumatic gas booster pumps for fluid control of high-efficiency pressurization. If you buy bad fluid control equipment, The subsequent after-sales maintenance of mechanical equipment is even more annoying.

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Here, Suncenter will focus on the DGA/DGT/DGD pneumatic gas booster pump machinery independently developed by Dongguan Suncenter Fluid Control Equipment Co., Ltd., which is the star product of Dongguan Suncenter:

Dongguan Suncenter DGA series gas booster pump uses a single air-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve to realize the reciprocating motion of the pump. All of them are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel. All the seals are imported high-quality products. The maximum design drive pressure is 10bar. In order to ensure the life of the pump, it is recommended to drive the air pressure ≤ 8bar. The pump has a drive piston diameter of 160 mm and is a single-acting pump. All single-acting pump heads are equipped with exhaust cooling.

What is the use of a gas booster pump?

1. High purity gas filling in the gas industry.

2. Gas pipeline pressure testing and tool leakage testing, such as oilfield, refining, aviation, automotive and other industries.

3. Gas filling chemical process, plastic molding, refrigerant infusion, filling bottle.

4. Gas Recovery The expensive gas remaining in the gas cylinder is recycled to the high pressure vessel for later use.

5. Delivery and filling of life gases such as oxygen, helium, breathing gas, diving, firefighters and crew life gas.

6. Natural gas rhyme compression is used for combustible experiments and gas stations.


It can be seen that the quality and price ratio of the DGA/DGT/DGD pneumatic gas booster pump is high. It is recommended that the majority of fluid control industry colleagues pay more attention.


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