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This is a Suncenter rivet riveting machine with a strength And face value

This is a Suncenter rivet riveting machine with a strength And face value


As the leader of domestic fluid pressure conversion and control equipment, Suncenter hydraulic test bench manufacturer has never stopped pursuing and exploring innovative technologies. A few days ago, Suncenter introduced an epoch-making rivet-free riveting machine that stunned the industry with its unique riveting technology. The use of the plate to connect the stamping equipment and the special connection mold designed and manufactured by our company makes the customer's product look amazing.

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This rivet-free riveting machine adopts TOX gas-liquid booster cylinder and special parts without rivet riveting. It is equipped with 500MM throat deep and large cast steel integrated frame. It is suitable for connection of various sheet metal parts. This equipment adopts TOX riveting. Technology, no need for rivets, no punching, for one-side riveting of 1-4MM metal sheet metal parts, the riveting effect is firm and reliable. It can also have a sandwich layer without damaging the surface coating. According to different workpieces, it can be riveted at two points or riveted at the same time.

The rivet-free riveting machine realizes the technology even if the surface of the sprayed or galvanized sheet is connected, because the spray layer or the coating on the surface is also “flowing” and deformed, so as not to damage the surface and not affect the corrosion resistance of the sheet. Perfectly integrated with industrial aesthetics for optimal use. At the same time, the rivet-free riveting machine forms an edgeless, burr-free, tear-free damage with a certain tensile and shear strength through an instantaneous high-pressure extrusion process, based on the cold extrusion deformation of the material of the plate itself. Dots with no stress concentration make the “flow” between the plates form a mosaic connection, which is very interesting.


It can be seen that Suncenter is an interesting manufacturer of fluid pressure conversion and control equipment because it provides cost-effective equipment for customer needs. This rivet-free riveting machine, which has been carefully considered in the past, has a price advantage over the previous rivet-free riveting machine, which means it is more competitive with other brands on the market. Clearly, one reason for the separation of high-end, expensive rivet-free riveters from conventional rivet-free riveters is overall quality.

A rivet-free riveting machine must make people feel that it is worth the money, and Suncenter has done it, whether it is functional or energy efficient. Moreover, it can be seen that the unique position of the Suncenter rivet-free riveting machine is that it does not require rivets and does not need to be punched, which is perfect for small metal processing.

In general, this rivet-free riveting machine can understand the needs of users more than the previous equipment. Although there may be some places that fail to fully meet the customer's needs, there will still be some technical breakthroughs. Place, but if you really know how to maximize the function of the rivetless riveting machine, there is no reason to choose not to choose the rivet riveting machine without a rivet.

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This time, the rivet riveting machine of this edition proves again that it is a “fighter” in the rivetless riveting machine! Regardless of its appearance or function, Suncenter's new work, the rivet-free riveting machine, has brought us surprises. What do you think?