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Advantages Of The Suncenter Ultra High Pressure Hydraulic Tube Expander

Advantages Of The Suncenter Ultra High Pressure Hydraulic Tube Expander


Previously, Suncenter saw a lot of items on the Internet about hydraulic tube expansion equipment. In the comment area, I saw a lot of netizens mentioning a name - Suncenter Ultra High Pressure Hydraulic Pressurization Equipment, which is a lot of users on Suncenter. The expander is highly recognized.

At present, the hydraulic expansion tube equipment of the company is far more intimate and more popular in the market. The small series here will give you a comprehensive understanding of this high-speed Suncenter ultra-high pressure hydraulic tube expander.

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Suncenter may not be the first ultra-high pressure hydraulic tube expander, but it is definitely the biggest contributor to the concept of "super high hydraulics" entering the mainstream market. In the tube expander market, there is no shortage of ultra-high pressure hydraulic tube expansion equipment, but these manufacturers are often very small, even the ultra-high pressure hydraulic tube expansion equipment introduced by some big brands, more or less because the product itself is heavy. The design and cumbersome operation often have a negative effect on daily use, leaving the UHP hydraulic tube expander a bad impression.

After entering the new industrial era, the ultra-high pressure hydraulic pressurization equipment launched by Suncenter uses compressed air as the power source to pressurize the hydraulic oil, emulsion, water and other media up to 6000 bar without electricity. A variety of pressure and blasting test applications are also applicable to the high pressure expansion tube process. Various metal elbows and joints are hydraulically formed at one time. They are clamped with a sizing die and a hydraulic press, and are equipped with Suncenter ultra-high pressure hydraulic pressurizing equipment. The hydraulic pressure makes the metal bending pipe formable at one time, which is convenient and quick, and avoids the noise caused by the use of the hydraulic pumping station, the volume is large, and the bulkiness is constant. The commonly used model is the DLS-DGGD255 hydraulic booster.

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In addition, the Suncenter ultra-high pressure hydraulic tube expander consists of three parts, the electronic control part, the air drive supercharger system, the expansion joint, and the electronic control is controlled by Siemens PLC. The gas-driven supercharging system uses two liquid superchargers for the Suncenter high-pressure expander. It can be quickly boosted, and the boosting time within a length of 5 mm and a length of 5 m reaches the predetermined pressure within ten seconds. It has the characteristics of low labor intensity and high production efficiency. The expansion joint quality is uniform and reliable; the expansion tube medium has no pollution to the joint; the residual stress of the tube after expansion is low; the heat exchanger of any tube sheet thickness can be fully expanded; the hydraulic expansion can ensure the expansion quality and extend the heat exchanger. Life expectancy also increases work efficiency and reduces labor costs. In the maintenance and installation of the heat exchanger, the pneumatic ultra-high pressure hydraulic tube expander solves the problem of long construction period and high labor cost, which makes the high hydraulic tube expander more and more popular among these enterprises.


In fact, the Suncenter UHV hydraulic tube expanders are popular because of their very high performance and excellent working experience. We must know that in the era of Industry 4.0, users are pursuing an intelligent and environmentally friendly production experience in addition to pursuing high performance and high quality. Undecided, Suncenter has an overwhelming advantage in energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Dongguan Suncenter hydraulic tube expander manufacturers are mainly engaged in ultra-high pressure hydraulic tube expander, ultra-high pressure gas-liquid expansion tube machine, is a brand engaged in tube expander 20 years. In the era of Industry 4.0, we are ready, what about you?

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