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What Is The Effect Of "Too Low Temperature" On Compressed Air Booster Pump

What Is The Effect Of "Too Low Temperature" On Compressed Air Booster Pump


Today, most parts of the country have ushered in different levels of cooling weather in these two days. How does this cold weather affect the normal operation of the compressed air booster pump? How do we pay attention to maintenance?


After the cold air enters the compressed air booster pump, the heat generated by the friction on the back of the pump body will generate a large amount of water vapor, which will increase the burden of the steam booster after the air booster pump is processed, so it is necessary to discharge the post-processing equipment from time to time. The water in it.


Compressed air enters the production area through the pipeline and is used by users. Some of these pipes are buried underground, and some are in the air. Walking in a cold weather may cause some moisture to be generated due to low temperature, and some may even have a certain impact on the normal use of the user due to the increase of moisture. For example, in the laser cutting machine industry, if the oil contained in the compressed air is too high, the accuracy in the cutting process will be affected. In the mining industry, humid compressed air booster pumps may not affect the normal use of pneumatic tools, but will affect the strength of pneumatic tools.


Note: After the winter shutdown, be sure to pay attention to emptying all the gas, sewage, water, and venting the water, gas and oil in various pipelines and air bags. Because the temperature is relatively high during the winter unit operation, the external temperature is low after a shutdown. After the air is cooled, a large amount of condensed water will be generated, and there are various control pipes, which may easily cause hidden troubles such as blockage and cracking of the control pipe.

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