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How To Choose The Right Brand Of Pneumatic Booster Pump

How To Choose The Right Brand Of Pneumatic Booster Pump


Buy a pneumatic air booster, it is important to choose the brand. So how to choose, we can choose from the following four points.


First: gas flow. The first one to consider when selecting a pneumatic air booster is gas production, which is the maximum flow rate of the pump outlet. Some customers have very high requirements on the quality and flow of gas. This problem can be determined according to the company's own premise and requirements. As the future trend of the pneumatic equipment industry, the Suncenter Pneumatic Air Booster Pump is excellent in gas production.


Second: gas consumption. The air consumption is mainly determined by the number of reciprocations per minute of the piston of the drive cylinder of the booster pump. In the case where the pressure of the supplied air source is inconvenient, the number of reciprocations of the pump is determined by the pressure of the exhaust gas being large or small. When the pressure of the air supply is adjusted to the highest for no-load exhaust (such as when inflating the large-volume container to be inspected), it is the time when the pump consumes the most gas. As the air pressure in the test container gradually increases, the reciprocating speed of the pump gradually decreases. Until the driving air pressure is proportional to the exhaust air pressure, the pump stops working and the air consumption is equal to zero. A good pneumatic booster pump, its air consumption is the focus of comments, because the pneumatic air booster pump itself is a gas-consuming device.

Third: the price. The current situation in the domestic pneumatic air booster pump market is that domestic brand equipment is relatively cheap and imported equipment is relatively expensive. In the eyes of popular users, domestic is equal to the low end, and foreign is equal to the high end. In fact, the price is really not a very important factor. These factors should be considered in addition to the display of gas production and energy efficiency.


Fourth: after sales. After-sales service is also a consideration. Choosing a well-known manufacturer in the after-sales service can still give consumers peace of mind. This factor is now more and more attention, so the choice of pneumatic air booster pump brand, must look for quality brand manufacturers, such as Dongguan Suncenter. Otherwise, when you use it in the future, it will bring you a lot of annoyance, and good after-sales service can make you worry.


So it seems that it is just a choice of pneumatic air booster pump brand, in fact, the knowledge inside is still very big.

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