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What is the principle of plunger pump

by:Suncenter     2020-08-28
Manufacturer of axial piston pump hydraulic system is a main device. It depends on the plunger reciprocating motion in the cylinder, the volume of the sealing work chamber should change to end of oil absorption, oil pressure. Plunger pump with extra high pressure, compact structure, high efficiency and convenient flow control, such as strength, are widely used in high pressure, large flow rate and flow needs recuperate occasions, such as hydraulic press, engineering machinery and ships. Mechanical principles outlined plunger natural gas booster pump plunger reciprocating motion L is the total trip changeless, by the resolution of CAM lift. Plunger fuel delivery per cycle intrusive depends on oil supply schedule, delivery stroke from the camshaft manipulation is variable. Oil supply beginning time not changes over oil supply schedule. Rolling piston can change oil supply at the end of time, and then change the oil. Plunger natural gas booster pump operation, on the fuel injection pump camshaft, the effect of the CAM and the plunger spring force plunger for upper and lower reciprocating motion, then finished oil pump task, during the process of oil pump can be divided into the following three. Feed process after the CAM raised some turn the past, under the effect of the spring force, plunger downward movement, column inserting space ( Known as the oil pump room) Vacuum, when the column inserting end plunger sleeve after the oil hole on the turn over, oil pump body is filled with oil diesel oil through the oil hole in the tao into the pump oil chamber, piston movement to the next check point, the oil. Oil supply process when the CAM shaft to bump some jacking the roller body, plunger spring is tightening, plunger upward movement, fuel pressure, some fuel oil orifice flow back to the fuel injection pump body cavity. When the piston top cover sleeve on the progress of the oil hole edge, because the cooperation of clearance plunger and barrel is small ( 0. 0015 - 0. 0025mm) Make the top of the plunger oil pump oil chamber into a sealed cavity, plunger continues to rise, interior agility increases, oil pressure natural gas booster pump oil pump oil pressure & gt; The oil valve spring force + high-pressure tubing pressure, left open the oil valve, high pressure diesel by delivery valve into the high pressure oil pipe, through the injector spray into the combustion chamber. Plunger oil up oil return process, when the upward to the column inserting chute ( Stop for side) With oil return hole on the sleeve, the low pressure oil pump oil chamber with plunger head in the hole and the radial hole and chute, hydraulic plummeted, delivery valve under the effect of spring force agile closed, stop the oil supply. Then plunger upward even, when the CAM raised some turn over, in the spring under the effect of plunger downward again. Then start the next cycle at the moment. Plunger pump with a plunger principle is introduced, a plunger pump has two one-way valve, and in the opposite direction, the plunger to present the negative pressure in cylinder when one direction, then a one-way valve open liquid drawn into the cylinder, piston to another direction, will be tight liquid after another one-way valve is opened, drawn into the cylinder's liquid is expelled. This way of operation after successive movement, make up the oil supply in succession. Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump manufacturers
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