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When the pump power plant machinery present question, how should do?

by:Suncenter     2020-08-31
When the pump power plant machinery present question, how should do? Check the rolling rotor is sensitive and is smooth, axial winding, has all the normal dynamic, check whether there is any crack on stand, end cover, shaft deformation cracks may be twists and turns. Check whether there is any jam on air duct, blades and heat sink is intact. Check if the bearing looseness may get stuck. For larger capacity of the oil pump motor, air gap on the end cover usually have test hole, by measuring the air gap hole check the air gap is not uniformity of average value is within 15%. The oil natural gas booster pump motor electric work, hand, ear, nose to smell and eye view method such as check motor is normal or not. Once found the abnormal should block power, in case of faults extend. Gear oil pump is mainly composed of propulsion device dynamic gear, pump body, cover before and after, master-slave, master-slave drive shaft, bearing, bearing, shaft seal, shaft coupling and motor, chassis, such as import and export of the flange and the relief valve, gear by the bearing through bearing support on the front and back end cover, propulsion device connected to automatic shaft, oil seal plays an automatic axial tumble sealing effect. Motor rolling gear automatically by the coupling to the pump and advance equipment, make the gear pump and the propulsion equipment work together. This pump use fixed structure, all equipped with safety relief arrangements, oil automatic cycle when overload. The feed direction in the motor shaft and pump shaft axis direction, from the motor to the pump head, flow direction to the left into the right out. Has small volume, beautiful appearance, function, compact structure, low tooth pulse impact value, small vibration, low noise, safety, maintenance maintenance lunch, etc. Suitable for transporting medium temperature under 200 ℃, kinematic viscosity under 1500 CST medium oil, heavy oil, light oil, cooking oil, and other similar oil. But does not apply to transport containing high sulphur content, corrosion resistance, rich in sundry, hard particle and oil that are rich in fiber, also does not apply to deliver highly volatile, low flash point of the oil. Key words: oil pump power plant manufacturers, oil pump power plant USES, oil pump unit price
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