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A common seal self-priming pump free installation problems

by:Suncenter     2020-08-29
No self-priming pump seal know a lot of people, from the name we can see its advantages, such as no seal, automatic control, and naturally aspirated, naturally this only part of the edge. In the absence of self-priming pump seal there are many and varied, in which the more is the WFB series self-priming pumps, so this kind of pump has the advantages of how? Without seal self-priming pump with flameproof, cone type, trolley moving type, etc. , suitable for all kinds of application of natural environment, and the first drainage method, lifelong naturally aspirated, convenient powerful. In sewage treatment plant, waste water in the residue, there are many, some are no harm, and some will say hazard or are some of the substances containing corrosion, ph, without seal self-control self-priming pump generally all choose no leakage sealing equipment, actually consists of driving seal and auxiliary seal. No self-priming pump seal installation common problem: 1. First examine the ministries have loose anchor bolt, power plug and power plug is intact, grounding resistance of the motor should be more than 2 ohms. 2. For safety electricity safety accident, be sure to install ZouDian off power circuit protector or get an electric shock accident such as relative security guard countermeasure, and then carried out on grounding device. 3. Application, the motor should keep dry rashness, pay attention to the water to reduce the case, the bottom of the pump valve can not be exposed to the river, when the average temperature is less than 4 degrees, should do a good job of the warm, with antifreeze to break the pump housing. 4. Cover the power switch, always make high pump speed for 2 minutes, up and down the query starting, running if everything is normal, if appropriate. 5. Naturally aspirated fresh water pump and automatic naturally aspirated water pump pipe before the first application, the irrigation water in the tank, connect power after a few seconds can not fully automatic water yield, applications do not have to be after water injection. 6. No self-priming natural gas booster pump seal application and automatic suction pump before the first application, self-priming pump to the storage tank, the water storage to connect power after a few seconds can not fully automatic water yield, applications do not have to be after water injection. 7. If the need for a period of time, should be no net water pump memory ( Self-priming pump and automatic pump away in the storage tank water) , the key component to clean and tidy, the coated with anti-rust agent, place reserved natural ventilation dry bath place. Jiangsu xin, pump industry technology co. , LTD. Is a scientific research, design, production, operating as one of professional companies. Engaged in chemical centrifugal pump, stainless steel submerged pump, no self-priming pump, stainless steel self-priming pump seal, alkali, corrosion resistant pump such as product design and manufacturing has many years of history, has rich experience in design and manufacture. Over the years my company with good credit standing and adhere to the principle of people-oriented, respect for talent, relying on science and technology, seize the opportunity to continue to strengthen technical reform and technical innovation, so as to make the products constantly upgrading. 。
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