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Air Pressure Amplifier Pump / System

Air Pressure Amplifier Pump / System


Pneumatic Air Pressure Amplifier Systems: Efficient, Versatile, and Safe

In industrial and manufacturing settings, the need for reliable and efficient pressure amplification is crucial for various applications. The introduction of Pneumatic Air Pressure Amplifier Systems 

provides a solution that is not only driven by compressed air, eliminating the risk of electric sparks but also offers a wide range of pressures for diverse requirements, with a maximum pressure 

capability of up to 80 bar. Let's delve into the key functions, features, and models of this innovative technology.

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**Key Functions and Features:**

1. **Compressed Air Driven:** The air pressure amplifier pump is ingeniously designed to be driven by 3-8 bar compressed air, ensuring safety by eliminating the risk of electric sparks in potentially 

hazardous environments.

2. **Wide Pressure Range:** These systems offer a broad spectrum of pressures to choose from, with a remarkable maximum pressure capacity of 80 bar. This flexibility allows for versatile applications 

in different industries.

3. **Pressure Regulation:** The outlet pressure of the pump is easily fine-tuned, providing precision and control over the pressure levels as required by specific processes.

4. **Easy Installation and Maintenance:** These systems are designed with user convenience in mind, offering straightforward installation, operation, and maintenance procedures, contributing to overall 

operational efficiency.

5. **Automatic Pressure Holding:** One of the standout features is the automatic pressure holding mechanism. If the loop pressure drops, the pump will automatically reactivate to replenish pressure, 

ensuring a continuous and stable operation.

6. **Model Variety:** The air pressure amplifier pump is available in various models, each catering to different pressure boost ratios, maximum air outlet pressures, and flow rates. Whether it's the DGMA02 

with a 2:1 pressure boost ratio or the DGVA10 with a remarkable 10:1 ratio, there is a model for every application.


**Model Overview:**

- **DGMA02:** 2:1 pressure boost ratio, 16 bar max air outlet pressure, 580 L/min max flow rate.

- **DGVA02:** 2:1 pressure boost ratio, 16 bar max air outlet pressure, 1600 L/min max flow rate, featuring a larger piston diameter of 160mm.

- **DGMA03:** 3:1 pressure boost ratio, 24 bar max air outlet pressure, 420 L/min max flow rate.

- **DGVA04:** 4:1 pressure boost ratio, 30 bar max air outlet pressure, 500 L/min max flow rate.

- **DGVA05:** 5:1 pressure boost ratio, 40 bar max air outlet pressure, 820 L/min max flow rate.

- **DGVA07:** 7:1 pressure boost ratio, 56 bar max air outlet pressure, 280 L/min max flow rate.

- **DGVA08:** 8:1 pressure boost ratio, 64 bar max air outlet pressure, 500 L/min max flow rate.

- **DGVA10:** 10:1 pressure boost ratio, 80 bar max air outlet pressure, 220 L/min max flow rate.

**Pneumatic Air Pressure Amplifier System Composition:**

A complete system comprises an air amplifier pump, F.R.L combination (adjustable driven air pressure, filter, lubricant), air tank (optional 20L or 40L), driven air switch, high-pressure needle valve, high-pressure 

gauge, and pressure-reducing valve. This comprehensive setup ensures seamless integration into various industrial processes.


In conclusion, the Pneumatic Air Pressure Amplifier Systems represent a cutting-edge solution for industries seeking reliable, safe, and efficient pressure amplification. With a range of models catering to diverse 

requirements, these systems offer a customizable and adaptable solution for a wide array of applications, providing users with peace of mind through their robust and innovative design. The 13-month warranty 

underscores the confidence in the durability and performance of these systems, making them a valuable asset in any industrial setting.

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