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Axial piston pump failure and ruled out

by:Suncenter     2020-08-09
Axial piston pump manufacturer work pressure gauge pointer is not stable, 1) Oil distribution plate and cylinder or severe abrasion between piston and cylinder, make them outside leakage and leakage is too large. Methods: inspection, repair oil distribution plate with the mating surface of the cylinder body; Single cylinder bedding-in, change the plunger; Tighten the joint screw, eliminate the leakage. ( 2) Inlet pipe plugging, oil absorption larger and leakage resistance may cause unstable pressure gauge pointer. Processing method: inlet pipe plugging, flow resistance is big, can dredge oil pipe inlet filter, check and tighten connection screw feed pipe section, eliminate leakage. The axial plunger pump flow ( 1) Fuel tank oil level is too low, oil pipe, oil filter clogging or resistance is too large and air leakage, etc. Methods: inspecting the oil level of oil tank level. When should be added. Tubing, and blockage of the filter should be clear and clean. Check and tighten the joint screw, eliminate leakage. ( 2) Before running in the subsurface is not filled with oil, with the air. Processing method: from the oil pump oil return mouth filling oil, remove oil gas booster pump in the air. Axial piston pump oil leakage is serious, 1) the junction sealed, such as sealing ring damage. Methods: check each of the junction of the oil pump seal, the sealing ring. ( 2) Oil distribution or between plunger and contract workers stadium plate and cylinder wear too much. Methods: grinding oil distribution plate and cylinder block contact area; Bedding-in cylinder and plunger vice. Keywords: oil gas booster pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger gas booster pump manufacturers
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