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Axial piston pump manufacturer told you screw pump the main components of material how to choose?

by:Suncenter     2020-08-12
Axial piston pump manufacturer told you screw pump the main components of material how to choose? Screw pump is relying on the pump body and screw mesh formed by spatial volume change and move to conveying liquids or make the pressurization of rotary pump ( See the pump) 。 Screw pump according to the number of screw is divided into three screw pump screw pump, double screw pump and etc. When active screw rotation, drive and its meshing driven screw rotation together, screw meshing space at the end of the suction chamber volume gradually increase, pressure decrease. Liquid under the action of pressure difference mesh into space volume. When the large volume increased to and form a sealed chamber, the liquid is in a sealed cavity continuously along the axial movement, until one end discharge chamber. Then screw meshing space at the end of the discharge chamber volume shrinking, and liquid discharge. The working principle of screw pump and gear pump are similar, just on the structure of screw to replace the gear. Table for screw pump characteristics and application scope. Screw pump flow and pressure pulse is small, the noise and little vibration, self-priming ability, but the screw processing more difficult. is single suction and double suction type two kinds of structure, but only single screw pump suction. installed with safety valve, Screw gas booster pump don't match) In order to prevent due to some reasons such as the outlet pressure of pump outlet pipe plug more than permissible value and damage to the gas booster pump or prime mover, so how to choose the main parts of screw pump material: screw pump the main components of material should be based on the chemical and physical properties of the medium and the pressure of the gas booster pump to choose: ( 1) Parts ( Suction chamber, the exhaust chamber, seal boxes, etc. ) Can choose materials such as cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel; ( 2) Axis choose excellent 45 carbon steel, 40 cr alloy steel or stainless acid-resistant steel and other materials; ( 3) Rotor can choose 40 cr, 45 steel, 38 crmoal, 1 cr18ni12mo12ti etc; ( 4) Rotor materials mainly should choose according to the dielectric properties of commonly used material with natural rubber ( NR) , styrene-butadiene rubber ( SBR) , nitrile butadiene rubber ( NBR) , polyurethane rubber ( UR) , ethylene propylene rubber ( EPM) , fluorine rubber ( FPM) , chlorosulfonated polyethylene rubber ( CSM) And so on. Keywords: axial plunger pump manufacturers, axial plunger pump manufacturers, axial plunger pump manufacturers
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