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Axial piston pump oil temperature is high

by:Suncenter     2020-08-09
Axial piston pump is a piston or plunger reciprocating motion direction parallel to the axis of plunger pump and cylinder base. Under axial plunger pump manufacturer to introduce you to swashplate axial piston pump is applied parallel to the shaft of plunger in the plunger hole reciprocating motion attack by the volume change for work. Because of the plunger and plunger hole are circular parts, collaborative process can reach high precision, thus high volumetric efficiency, smooth operation, good flow uniformity, low noise, work pressure high interest, but is sensitive to the hydraulic oil pollution is, construct a mixed and disorderly, the cost is higher. The constitution of the swashplate axial piston pump with a handwheel, - Screw, variable piston, oblique plate and pin, return tray, slipper, plunger, base pump body, pump body, before the bearings, valve plate, shaft, centering spring, cylinder block, large bearing, steel ball. Rexroth Rexroth piston pump based on skew components are not identical, oblique disc and shaft type two kinds. Swash plate is inclined plate relative rotary cylinder have a skewed perspective, while the plunger reciprocating motion in the pump cylinder. The shaft axis and axis of cylinder body are together. This kind of structure is brief, high speed, but pleaded with high operation condition, rexroth plunger end with the touch of inclined plate is often weak links. The swash plate of inclined shaft axis and shaft axis was together. It is because of the plunger cylinder block relative to the shaft skew a viewpoint and make the plunger reciprocating motion. Traffic scheduling based on shaking plunger cylinder body of viewpoints to end, so some say again cylinder type. It, compared with that of swash-plate homework, large flow, but construct mixed and disorderly. Axial piston pump are usually consists of cylinder block, oil distribution disc, plunger and swash plate up first parts ( Figure 1 - 40) 。 Cylinder with multiple plunger and plunger is axial placement, the plunger of the base line parallel to the axis of the drive shaft, and called it the axial plunger pump. But it is not the same in the reciprocating plunger pump, because of its plunger in the pump cylinder for reciprocating motion not only, and plunger pump cylinder and swash plate relative rotation motion. Plunger with a spherical end and swash plate touch. On the oil distribution disc with high and low pressure groove, each other by the partition from isolation, security must be sealing, respectively and the inlet of the gas booster pump and the oil outlet connected. Between the axis of the inclined plate and axis of cylinder body have a skewed perspective. The axial plunger gas booster pump operation principle as shown in figure l - Shown in 40, stocks move when the motor shaft rotates, the pump cylinder and plunger rotation, plunger head durability and swash plate touch, as a point of view, because of the inclined plate and cylinder and cylinder body rotates, the plunger in the pump cylinder for reciprocating motion. In an effort to l - 40 next plunger, for example, from 0 ° to 180 °, namely go to the top position of plunger, the plunger cylinder volume increases gradually, has therefore been liquid with oil pan oil suction mouth a sucking oil cylinder; And the plunger is from 180 ° to 360 °, the plunger cylinder volume reduced gradually, so the liquid in the cylinder oil distribution plate of the outlet of the liquid. Just drive shaft rotation, pump continuously work. Keywords: axial plunger pump manufacturers, axial plunger pump manufacturers selling, axial piston pump manufacturer suppliers
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