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Circular arc gear oil pump electrical safety operation procedures of the unit

by:Suncenter     2020-09-04
Circular arc gear oil co2 transfer pump electrical safety operation procedures of the unit, a pump electrical inspection before 1 unit. Check the pump the environment clean and tidy, can not keep out the normal operation of the motor and pump. 2 check the shaft seal of pump power unit is not leak oil, look at the pump have knock against. The screw is fixed tightly. 3 check the motor to the resistance, whether to unimpeded. 4 open before the co2 transfer pump will now liquids into suction, cannot let idle pump, open the inlet and outlet valves in advance, 5 check the height of the pump fluid conform to the requirements of the two, 1 in the work, often check whether seal leakage, screw whether firm, fastening 2 check the temperature of the motor and pump shall not exceed 80 degrees. 3 check whether the instrument is normal, such as found that the instrument has soared, to turn off the power supply and pump, timely maintenance checks three, stop the co2 transfer pump 1, after turn off the power supply first, and the suction pump valve the door closed and stop the pump outlet valve 2 if winter, suggestion is the liquid in the pump discharge, the pump inside is clean, can extend the service life. Key words: oil pump power plant, oil pump unit equipment, electric pump power plant manufacturers
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