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Corrosion resistant submerged pump installation

by:Suncenter     2020-08-18
Corrosion submerged pump installation method: 1, installing a pump to sea level of selection of solid, maintain crust vertical and fixed in many aspects. 2, minimize the equipment placed in the outdoor. If must be installed in the outdoor, should cover guard, if the pump is equipped with electronic devices control panel, various maintenance is required. 3, wear tube before considering the application of acid, temperature and transporting pump head, tube of selection of different materials, practical. 4, does not wear pipe should pay attention to when all the residual residue or bits, needed to various cleaning line in cold water. 5, flange place should be lined with gasket, and indeed the card tight in order to avoid gas inlet pump pump, after the installation should be to determine the line is solid, avoid vibrations result in pipeline damage. 6, to pay more attention to the pipe can't distort vigor in tube, check again after installed pump is there because of the hard too hard when installation or incorrect installation position and distort deformation. 7, the channel connecting flange shall be and flange specifications, same gateway connecting flange and inward and outward flange specification also. 8, for corrosion resistant safety submerged pump is correct, good equipment from the damage of channel filter to prevent absorption into the dirt pump, connect the power plug should be determined before the application for the switching power supply is consistent with the motor form, and better electrical flow overload protector. 9 gateway tube wear ratio, if there is higher than the motor around or are inverse pressure, please check valve in pump equipment, equipment parts do not exceed high liquid level line too much. Corrosion resistant submerged pump motor selection should be based the production process, water supply and drainage, supplies, equipment, pump head from liquid, liquid properties, pipeline layout and its actual operation standard five level given in many aspects. Traffic is to choose one of the key information of characteristics of corrosion resistant submerged gas booster pump: 1, the material is basic types, such as slurry pump is centrifugal pump. 2, the deep pool and the actual operation standard, clear liquid length and construction under way. 3, traffic transportation pipe via, spacing and slope is clear pump head. 4, and finally the motor rated power. Above is the corrosion resistance of the submerged pump installation, hope to be able to help you.
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