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EU heating strategy draft favors renewables and district heating

by:Suncenter     2020-09-14
PARIS (Reuters)-
The European Commission is working on a strategy to reduce energy waste in heating homes and offices, which has raised concerns in the utilities sector that they fear will reduce their electricity sales.
Early next year, the European Commission plans to develop proposals on heating and refrigeration to update EU energy legislation and possibly draft new directives.
In the five \"issue papers\" seen by Reuters, the Commission presents options for heating and cooling policies that focus more on renewable energy and regional heating systems that bring hot water through underground pipelines
The document states that the use of renewable energy in heating should be promoted through tax measures, public procurement and public investment to stimulate market development.
EU energy director Maros Sefcovic told Reuters on Thursday: \"We are confident that in Europe we can do much better than we are today, when nearly 40% of our energy was used for heating and cooling.
Big power companies like EDF, E
ON and Enel are already struggling to switch to renewable energy, and they are worried that more renewable energy for heating and for turning to collective heating will further reduce the demand for electricity.
Choosing between natural gas or electricity, better insulation or more efficient heaters and collective or personal heat production can have a significant impact on the business model of EU energy companies.
Heating and, to a lesser extent, cooling accounts for about 40% of energy consumption in the European Union, but is only indirectly subject to current EU policies, with a greater focus on electricity production and renewable energy.
Renewable energy already accounts for 26% of electricity production in the EU, but only 16.
4% of heating and cooling
Sefcovic said the commission may announce its heating and cooling strategy in February.
The European Commission estimates that half of Europe\'s heat demand is for regional heating infrastructure construction in areas with sufficient population density, which will be more effective than alternatives and can meet the EU\'s heat demand of 40 to 70%.
In areas with low density, electric heat pumps-
Increase heat from air or groundwater-
Other new technologies provide the greatest energy savings for individual housing.
The paper also emphasizes the efficiency of \"thermal-power combination (CHP)
, Or cogeneration, which produces heat and electricity in the same plant, is widely present in Scandinavia.
For most parts of western Europe, switching to regional heating would be a huge change, where households rely mainly on personal gas
Combustion boiler for space heating and hot water.
In the coming weeks, trade groups and national delegates will lobby the committee to work to guide the drafting of communications, which will be the first step in incorporating heating and refrigeration into EU energy legislation.
Regional heating systems are generally managed by local authorities and gas is used. or biomass-
Cogeneration power plants that produce heat and electricity near residential areas reduce demand for central power production and heavy power grids.
\"The EU recognizes that regional heating is emphasized in the issue document,\" Brussels-
The Public Utilities Hall at headquarters said in a note that
For decades, large-scale investments in regional heating will lock in technology, and financing is uncertain.
Eurelecric also disagreed with limiting the use of heat pumps to rural areas and opposed forced cogeneration.
Instead, large utilities are calling for heating to be electrified through centrally produced renewable energy and nuclear energy.
For the hundreds of municipal utilities operating local heating and power networks in Europe, it makes no sense because it will put more pressure on the continent\'s power grid. “Large-
The scale of heating and cooling seems neither feasible nor economical or ecological, \"the European federation of local energy companies (CEDEC)
The block head.
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