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Gear oil pump power plant after the wear of the internal parts can cause of leakage

by:Suncenter     2020-08-05
Electric gear pump unit is through a pair of involute gear parameters and structure is the same or a mutual rolling positive rotation arc gear mesh, the low pressure oil within the tank can rise to power an important part of a high pressure oil. The engine's mechanical energy into hydraulic energy power plant. The conveyor big gear pump flow, high pressure, high viscosity, good on. But in use process prone to wear and tear 'failure, we should pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance. After the long running total internal gear pump parts wear causes of leakage, generally between the gear end face and thrust plate inside leaking, with the increase of internal wear gap, gear pump self-priming ability will be worse, pressure will be more and more low, reducing gear pump flow. Gear oil pump leak pressure and flow. Between the floating collar and gear end leakage area is large, the main parts of internal leakage. This part of the leakage quantity 50% ~ 70% of all internal leakage. Wear and tear of leakage of gear oil gas booster pump volume efficiency drops, oil pump output power is much lower than the input power. All the loss into heat energy, thus causes the gear gas booster pump is overheating. If work will combine plane compaction and so floating collar will have a small amount of movement caused by the wear and tear, flow pressure drop as a result, the floating collar change or repair. Electric gear pump unit within four bearing sleeve in floating installed in the pump body, along with the work pressure automatically adjusts face interval, so the pump pressure stability, the output flow pulsation is small, high volume efficiency. Electric gear pump unit is mainly composed of gear, shaft, pump body, gas booster pump cover, bearing and shaft end seal parts. Gear and shaft are through the strict heat treatment, have higher hardness and wear resistance, and shaft installed in the shaft sleeve. moving parts are used in the transmission medium lubrication. Should regularly check the gear oil pump gear and thrust plate wear. Exceptions are poor lubricity of medium, when ordering, please indicate. So that we in the process of production of gear pump in contact with the medium flow components to use special wear-resisting material. Key words: oil pump power plant, oil pump unit equipment, electric pump power plant manufacturers
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