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Influence the efficiency of the plunger pump

by:Suncenter     2020-08-31
The axial plunger pump itself fails and causes of pump vibration is too large. vibration fault plunger pump runtime engine vibration and noise increases, screw loose connection parts, pipeline vibration. (1) cross head tappet and plunger rod connecting clamp loose button; (2) motor or pump damage of rolling bearing. (3) loose connection screw pump base; (4) packing gland assembly is loose, and connect the clip collided; (5) inadequate fluid for playing air pump pump. pressure table pointer swing in the process of pump operation, the operation current decline in 5 ~ lO %, displacement, pump efficiency is lower than 8 o % of the phenomenon. 03 mpa. (2) due to the seat and valve plate surface of the groove, makes the valve seat valve seal is lax. Plunger pump equipment factors also directly affects the pump efficiency of plunger pump injection station are using single well process of the single pump, there are three plunger, each pump is every plunger work is good or not directly affects the pump efficiency, when some of the plunger pump in operation after a period of time, have the phenomenon happens not to work, make the pump efficiency. Another is the job of the piston also affects the pump efficiency. The appearance of super note. When liquid level is low, also entered the plunger pump pressure is relatively small, the liquid flow is relatively slow, the flow of liquid into the plunger pump is relatively small, for plunger pump with frequency converter can be adjusted at any time, without the plunger pump from the device. At this point and show the pump efficiency is low, appear to owe note phenomenon. And the cause of liquid level height to liquid pump displacement control. Factory has injection wellhead injection station, some of the pump frequency converter, in the case of parameter adjustment is reasonable, is often affected by to liquid level height. Reason is that this injection station with an injection station nearby Shared one to liquid pipeline, and the injection station is placed at the end of the pipeline, liquid to most of the good into the injection station nearby, only a small part of the access to the injection station, when there is a power failure, the equipment, pump itself such as a failure, after kai pump liquid level when normal production, for the injection station nearby, though, has been controlled by the regulator, to maintain a relatively stable level. 2 meters, can always hydraulic pump station to apply for shutdown, mother liquid to avoid overflows, the liquid level is higher, the plunger pump of natural gas booster pump efficiency, super depression phenomenon seriously, even when liquid drop to 2 m, notice to stand and pump for liquid, so also should, in the long process of liquid level is low, the pump efficiency is low the laurel of pump, owe note. To liquid thick viscosity too high may also affect the plunger pump pump efficiency for dry injection of polymer solution injection station, generally to liquid concentration of 5000 mg/L, viscosity of 50 mpa s. , at this point, in the case of not influenced by other factors, pump efficiency is normal. Such as come liquid viscosity is too high, you can see from the table ( In addition to a plunger pump of frequency converter) , the pump efficiency with the increase of fluid viscosity in the lower, which owe note happened. Because the viscosity is a internal friction between the molecules, liquid flow must first overcome the internal friction between the molecules, therefore, when the flow of fluid power is constant, the greater the viscosity of mother liquor. The less power. The flow of fluid in the slow, lead to the low pump efficiency. The second is when the liquid after entering guangxi plug, due to the internal friction between the molecules, reduce the quantity of liquid discharge relative, so as to reduce the pump efficiency. To fluid quality is good or bad, and directly affects the plunger pump pump efficiency caused by dry play different batch number. So every time curing time should also be different. If curing or mixing time is not enough, then to liquid will have fish eye small white grains mixed in solution, when its through plunger pump piston, card in piston closed place, to close the piston is lax. Which reduces the pump efficiency. In addition, if it is to liquid bubble too much, then, into the plunger pump, easy to cause gas effect, reduce the pump efficiency, serious when air lock. Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump manufacturers
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