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Multifunctional axial plunger pump working principle and the use of pumps

by:Suncenter     2020-09-03
2, eliminate water hammer characteristics of axial piston pump: 1) , from the destructive water hammer truth knowable, reduce the water hammer pressure primary has two elements: ( 1) In has just been cut off before the water flow velocity v can be small ( Close to zero) Close the main valve plate; ( 2) The closing valve for t is water hammer u = 2 l/alpha ( α- - Pressure wave transmission velocity, m/s; L - - Length, m) The 5 - Ten times, you can limit the practice of water hammer pressure h within safe limits, and then eliminate destructive water hammer. 2) , utility water pump control valve of the main valve plate opening is made of the pipeline flow impact range resolution, high flow rate when the main valve plate opening: reduced velocity of valve plate opening small: velocity is close to zero, the main valve plate closed. The whole process and eliminate water hammer quick closing point match, therefore eliminate water hammer effect is very good. 3) , utility water pump control valve slowly closing valve plate closed, inferior vena form diaphragm control device is needed in the rear differential pressure can be done, namely, after the main valve plate closed, slowly closing valve plate can be closed, and thus can not occur slowly-closing synchronization with quick closing scene. ZDLP type, ZDLN two-seater regulator ZDLP electronic pass-through, ZDLM type electronic single-seat, regulating valve, valve 3 sets of Jane resistance characteristics: in order to reduce water resistance and reduced in the design of the main valve plate component, also adopted streamlined wide body design. 5. 4, the design of the diaphragm is directly affect the quality of the valve using the result of diaphragm and using life of key components, through a variety of choice, choose the neoprene as raw material, center with nylon netting reinforcement; Hunan rubber authorized standing of quality detection, falters, bending 650000 times without a break, can be used more than 10 years. 5, maintenance without other additional hydraulic or electric components, there is no need to repair, and USES the wide type bonnet, all internal parts can be pulled out, maintenance is convenient. Four, conclusion: fundamental criteria through the field application proved that utility water co2 transfer pump control valve can usefully be eliminate destructive water hammer, the progress of water supply system has a clear strong sexual characteristics, the safe and convenient for debugging and installation, convenience of operation management, maintenance quantity is little, fit the urban water supply industry of 2000 higher skills to carry out the plan of the water supply equipment, the requirements of mechanization and modernization actively, pumping station is a new generation of new type axial plunger pump manufacturers. Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger co2 transfer pump manufacturers
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