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Oil pump electric unit of choose and buy operation of parsing

by:Suncenter     2020-08-23
Oil natural gas booster pump electric operation analysis of choose and buy 1 unit. Generator set before installing the oil transfer pump, check whether correct, specifications, and eliminate the rust-proof, selects the shim thickness should be appropriate, in order to avoid the piston top be die or run does not reach the designated position, should prevent the gasket may be too thick or thin, screw down the bolt tightening torque wants even, to prevent damage to the pump. 2. Oil transfer pump on pump piston and hand with a rubber seal between the natural gas booster pump body, don't open, found that the rubber ring damage to change in a timely manner. 3. Within the oil transfer pump joint coarse filter core extremely easy blockage due to dirt such as cotton, often should check the cleaning, filter damage repair or change in time. 4. Guarantee generator oil transfer pump sealing gasket intact, with molding zhi circle disassembling times is unfavorable and overmuch, and should change regularly. 5. Security 'four spring' elastic plunger type fuel pumps to normal. 'Four spring' as the piston spring, tappet ( Roller) Spring, suction valve spring, valve spring, spring elastic weakened or broken to change or add cushion adjustment in time, lest cause damage of generating set. 6. Generator hand pump pressure back after using, the button will tighten at the same time, to prevent the hand pumps and aprons or ball valve and valve seat intake or leakage caused by the pressure is not tight. 7. The time team leader when the generator is in a state of shutdown, prevent oil transfer pump matching surface, especially the piston and the pump body, tappet and tappet suite for oil in water corrosion, rust prevention measures, namely when the generator outage, change the fuel injection pump sump in lubricating oil with water, diesel oil and other impurities. power plant keywords: oil pump electric unit types, and the oil pump power plant USES, oil pump electric unit price
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