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Once the axial plunger pump have problems?

by:Suncenter     2020-09-11
Axial piston pump manufacturer to teach you how to solve the 1. Oil discharge amount is insufficient, actuators move slow cause the reason for the error and reassure measures: 1) Suction tubing and filter suffocation or resistance is too big, should be timely to wash to reassure indicates closed. 2) Suck oil pipe diameter is too small, appropriately increasing diameter, smooth oil absorption. 3) Hydraulic oil tank level is too low, should check the oil amount, appropriate fuel. 4) Not full of oil in the pump body, has the atmosphere of the remaining: should be loading within the co2 transfer pump exhaust. 5) Untight seal, have atmosphere into: tight about debate. 6) Piston and cylinder hole or oil distribution between the plate and cylinder wear: should be in contact area, guarantee the good contact. 7) Hydraulic pump internal leakage is serious, a low volumetric efficiency: appropriate repair hydraulic pump. 8) 柱塞回程不足或不克不迭回程,引起缸体与配油盘间失密封:系中央弹簧断裂所至,应检查并 换中央弹簧。 9) Variable mechanism failure, can not meet the job cried out: should check and correct operation error. 10) Oil temperature improper or hydraulic pump suction, internal leakage and oil absorption harder: according to the actual circumstance of temperature rise, the decision of oil, fastening can perhaps the joint of air leakage. 11) Motor speed: find out the cause, the end of scheduling. 12) Oil viscosity is too big: in the appropriate oil viscosity in time. 2, insufficient output oil pressure or pressure fluctuation is bigger the reason for the error causes and reassure measures: l) Less oil suction mouth suffocation or channel: should reassure asphyxia in time, increase oil area. 2) The oil temperature is higher, the oil viscosity is low, leakage increase: should control the oil temperature or change the viscosity of oil. 3) Between cylinder and oil distribution disc wear and abrasion between piston and cylinder hole, internal leakage is too large, should be timely changes or in contact area. 4) Variable institutional Angle is too small, the flow is too small: Angle should be adjustable. 5) Within the central spring fatigue, increase release: the central spring should be replaced. 6) Variable agencies do not coordinate: if occasionally pulse, the reason resulted in the oil, if often ripple, institutional change variables. 7) Hydraulic co2 transfer pump efficiency is too low, check the hydraulic pump fault and reassure. 8) Insufficient pressure relief valve scheduling or error: check the overflow valve, pressure reset higher. 9) Pipeline slender, resistance is too large, appropriately increase the diameter, layout and scheduling. 10) The oil temperature is higher, low viscosity, internal leakage is increased: find reason causes of temperature rise, adopt measures to cool. Key words: the axial plunger pump manufacturers selling, axial piston pump manufacturer suppliers, axial plunger pump manufacturers
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