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Simple axial piston pump under the high-handed said little common sense

by:Suncenter     2020-08-18
Our daily test axial plunger pump, press load, not empty load test can be run normally, when we put in the object, but there was no pressure can't run, this kind of phenomenon and the axial plunger pump have influence on the degree of wear and tear parts. Axial piston pump with valve disc and plunger, under the condition of the high speed, piston and cylinder block of fit clearance requirement is high, the flow rate and pressure, axial piston pump manufacturer if fit clearance after long running-in amplifier, can cause inside leaking, thus cannot achieve the corresponding flow and pressure; In addition, the valve disc rotating at high speed, with the passage of time and impurities to enter, can wear directly, then the pressure, the flow directly through the gap and the oil return port directly drain back into the tank. Above is the factory to tell you about the axial plunger natural gas booster pump will not operate properly, hope to be able to help you solve. When we meet with this kind of phenomenon, we should check the wear and tear on parts, timely check in, can guarantee the normal work. The axial plunger pump engineering practical use can only 5% ~ 7%. Axial piston pump system power factor, there are mainly hydraulic components work in energy loss. Progress around the pipe hydraulic components, reducing power and hydraulic valve save loss, and to optimize the design of the system and match a lot of discussion, and by using the way to progress the axial plunger pump power of the system. As in the engineering machinery walk, made by hydrostatic pressure loss, as a result of the transmission loop of saving direction valve, control valve and balance valve, so it is a kind of ambition and energy saving system, but only for actuators for hydraulic motor arms closed loop system; In open loop, choose the constant power control variable pump; Load sensing skills and share manipulation of the pump; Hydraulic source of confluence of skills. Stress management skills; Energy recovery skills; Secondary regulation skills; Electronic matching and energy saving skills, etc. Axial piston pump manufacturer while these skills and to make the engineering machinery axial plunger pump system power had the obvious progress, but progress engineering machinery axial plunger pump power system as a whole is still in the future one of the main topics of the seminar. The supercharger is the key equipment ultra-high finale to the piston pump, pressure ratio is usually more than 10. Commonly used axial plunger pump supercharger is reciprocating type, choose trip switch commutator, poor on sex. A announced that the pulse signal by computer control the reversing, eliminates the axial plunger pump in the form of contact switch, simplifies the axial plunger pump structure, advances the keywords: axial plunger pump manufacturers suppliers, axial plunger pump manufacturers, axial plunger pump manufacturers selling
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