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So how do you meet for the first time can determine the variable piston pump manufacturer always polEnglish

So how do you meet for the first time can determine the variable piston pump manufacturer always policymakers?

by:Suncenter     2020-08-06
So how to meet for the first time can determine the total policymakers? Policymakers always half the cases is the boss of the department, the other half is the variable piston pump manufacturer/unit head. Technology, often is to use a department of technical backbone, head or technical director is the chief engineer or the entire unit. Here are mostly, though, and the coverage is very difficult to achieve 80% above, the other 20% of the time you need to field to ask the salesman, to observe. Variable plunger pump manufacturer's technical director determine tend to rely on observation, and the determination of total head often rely on q. At the beginning of the project phase and you exchange it is often difficult to be responsible for the technology, they are generally the technology into the normal member of we set. Based on telephone phuong technology progress to the extent, or on a business trip after meeting, plunger pump common technical personnel will usually get you introduced to a position on his staff, then depends on the person mainly in communicate with your technical problems or some very empty. The content (such as development prospect of At this time should be the most technical exchanges, because it is difficult to put the technology responsible for the fire to skip ordinary technicians, and introduce you to the head directly; If you found him slowly introduced to you is the head of this project, the new thinking about what you have to come back a plunger gas booster pump real role of technical personnel in the project audit, thus you can preliminary broken out two key into the objects 'concrete body') 。 If slowly when it comes to all of them are technical problems, and that basically we can identify who is responsible for the technology, and then from him or a more harmonious relationship between processing ordinary technicians to explore smell Ying always responsible for the specific candidate. For the determination of two key figures we need through the manner of a test; Listen to the other party burning simply introduced myself. Airily boring into the other member. C。 Careful and serious about this project to go process, carefully consider each other's answer, and then put the department name involved and their specific member card in comparison, a comparatively clear conclusions. Start ziegler about one on marketing to a client's home, when it comes to the stage after, his son came back, when he saw his father selected goods, 1 negative: 'this is too ugly, and with the also not convenient, don't want to. 'The son of plunger pump customers about seventeen or eighteen, I know the child is in the self-righteous age. Then I see the wind rudder chatted with the children, I take out your product details drawings for him to choose, he just took a fancy to a delicate and cabinet goods I 'this can also. 'He pointed to the exquisite design, but the volume is small commodity said. 'Oh, this is really beautiful, but not very suitable for people more families. 'I saw his identity nod. I pointed to another of the same style but the volume is larger goods, said: 'you see, this is more suitable for your home. 'And said,' see, you are a big boy, that proud with a pot of rice is not enough you a person to eat? 'He listened, smiled shyly. He made a decision, after I bought the elected goods, his father was very happy to pay the TAB. If you sell at a certain organization, if you want to quickly in a large group of people to find their leader, then you have to watch some people talk in front of the eye, usually, there are a lot of people in front of the talk will look at some - Personally, this is their leader. If this method still can't make you see, you can ask this - Group of people of a certain person to ask some important questions, if the man is the leader, he will answer your question accurately; If not, he will turn to the leaders request help. This simple observation, can avoid the waste of time and transaction failures, identify who is the leader, you can effectively axial plunger pump shows. Key summary to the success of the axial plunger pump salesman has excellent talented people, can quickly find out the key characters of numerous customers. And quickly find 'key figures' not only can avoid the waste of time, to play a crucial role in future negotiations. Products together to create common keywords: star products, variable plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump, variable piston pump equipment
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