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What kind of axial piston pump pumping system

by:Suncenter     2020-09-09
Product axial plunger pump pumping system is first concrete for reciprocating motion to supply power for the product, our country concrete machinery network product axial plunger pump is introduced first is composed of the following hydraulic components: axial plunger pump manufacturers ( 1) The main oil pump 1: axial plunger pump for the product delivery of hydraulic oil pumping system. Choose kawasaki K3V series swashplate axial piston pump, flow control, constant power variable displacement pump, 12 to give priority to change oil pump capacity hydraulic valve control oil supply. ( 2) Oil suction filter 2: oil suction filter to avoid oil pump suction dirt, interim precision to l00 u, once the filter blocked, when negative pressure reached 0. 018 mpa, the pointer arrived in the red areas, should replace the filter at the moment. ( 3) 8: overflow valve is used to bind system of high pressure, the overload protection system. ( 4) Electro-hydraulic directional control valve 10: direction control oil activity, and manipulation of the oil cylinder system. Tashan three four-way electromagnetic pilot valve and hydraulic control of the main valve, which furnish two one-way valve 11 saving control discharge type, choose outside from the oil in the pressure of an accumulator two-way valve 11 for saving electro-hydraulic directional control valve 10 pilot control oil supply. ( 5) Axial plunger pump products main oil cylinder 9: two double-acting piston cylinder ( 9. 1 and 9. 2) In series through. Separation drive a corresponding product concrete piston, the series solution has two kinds: one is as shown in the small cylinder connected, pump send way: for small hydraulic displacement pump are two big cavity connected, the pump for low voltage large displacement pump. ( 6) 5: cooler cooling hydraulic oil, ensuring the oil temperature not across 60 degrees. Choose water cooling method, when the hydraulic oil temperature is higher than 50 degrees, keep cooling water for cooling hydraulic system. ( 7) Axial piston pump oil return filter products 4: contamination of filtering system into a routine journey attacks, filtration precision to loll by-pass valve, once the filter blocking, bypass valve open, hydraulic fluid flow back to the fuel tank directly: when the pressure value reached 0. 35 mpa is, wood alarm indicator, demand to replace valve core at the moment. ( 8) Hydraulic tank 3: used in storage for hydraulic oil needed for the system operation cycle, declaring the system a part of the heat, promote the oil in the air bubble in the oil separation. Key words: the axial plunger pump manufacturers selling, axial plunger pump manufacturers, axial piston co2 transfer pump manufacturer suppliers
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