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What kind of oil pump power plant configuration is similar to the screw pump

by:Suncenter     2020-09-09
Screw co2 transfer pump is mainly used for pouring liquid to higher level of relatively limited. Screw pump is mainly used to control the water level in the canal and rivers, but they are also used in water treatment equipment ( Returning activated sludge pump, into the water pump) Transfer in wastewater. Hydraulic screw through the turbines will be large amounts of fluid at a high level to a lower level to produce electricity. The oil pump power plant equipped with similar to the screw co2 transfer pump. For everybody in this paper, the main advantage of some of the screw pump and hydraulic screw is: high liquidity, high efficiency, high on sex, low maintenance, long service life ( Wear less) In natural streams, easy to install, Because the atmosphere in the name of the function principle and relatively low per minute) , can be in a long time in dry screw pump is composed of the following main components: a screw pump, screw pump unit unit is composed of center pipe, blade on the welding to form a continuous spiral thread. According to the required flow rate, the installation of two or more spiral leaf. Second, the screw pump tank in addition to custom concrete tank, for installation of the screw co2 transfer pump, also can choose steel tank, with screw pump is installed in the rectangular concrete tank, or the supporting prefabricated steel unit. Provide needed support. After an option, screw pump and slots and drive line delivered together as a unit. Three, spray device is the purpose of these protective gear large extent reduce the leakage rate, thus optimizing screw pump suction rate, thus higher efficiency. Four, the bearing under the self-adjusting bearing only bear radial force and allow the thermal expansion of screw pump. Bearing installed inside a cast iron shell, and USES the alloy designed for this application. Can provide different types of bearing, grease, oil or no lubrication ( Ecological bearing) 。 Five, the drive unit drive unit includes a external brake installed on the motor axis of rotation, through the belt or elastic coupling parallel connected to the right Angle or rotation of the gear box. Gear box of the low speed shaft connected to the screw pump through flexible coupling shaft. Screw pump are equipped with a non-return device brake in the gearbox. Water and electricity of rotation of the screw in the gearbox are installed on the external brake. Keywords: oil pump electric unit types, and the oil pump power plant maintenance, oil pump power plant manufacturers
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