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Why the oil pump electric mechanical seal of the unit?

by:Suncenter     2020-08-23
In view of the oil pump unit electrical problems mainly include the following note: 1. Machine leakage between seal ring and rubber, oil pump power plant can also be seen in the operation of oil leaking in the middle, and the electrical unit pressure oil pump, oil leakage phenomenon is serious. Solution in seal, mechanical seal or in combination, 2. power end cover of the unit has a sealing rubber mat, pump mechanical before mount seal, may seal has worn out, can appear the oil, it is difficult to see this kind of circumstance in the general use. 3. As workers installed does not reach the designated position, careless, or spring compression ring, and appear the spill. power plant will detect the situation in a fast moving test platform, the user can see the oil spill. 4. Due to the effect of corrosion of the liquid, abnormal pay attention to the proportion of acid substances, serious when mechanical seal leak would happen, this situation can only be replacement, when buying, see sign model to contact manufacturers. 5. Medium to large amounts of impurities will wear machine, or wear of the seal face, causing leakage, pump well using packing seal, change the packing is also very convenient. 6. Medium ph value is high, the corrosion of mechanical seal, and operation of wear, so the overhaul, new mechanical seal can be used to replace the old seal. A complete pump power unit including motor, reducer, coupling and pump head a few parts, part of the pump head is before the pump shell, the back cover, gear shaft, bearing and shaft seal. Heat pump power plant belongs to the positive displacement pump, work rely on the main work of driven gear meshing caused by the volume change to melt. Working volume by pump body, the gear tooth slot of bearing and have the function of side panel. Into the suction chamber two gear tooth, with gear running, the melt from either side into the discharge chamber, the gear meshing, again make tooth melt out of the discharge chamber, pressure to export pipeline. As long as the pump shaft rotation, is toward the exit side gear to melt, therefore can achieve high pressure pump discharge, and has nothing to do with the discharge pressure of basic flow. Key words: oil pump power plant manufacturers, oil pump electric unit price, the oil natural gas booster pump power plant USES
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