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with energy in focus, heat pumps win fans

by:Suncenter     2020-09-15
Written by liz galstaug.
14. Ground business-
The source heat pump was too hot, and when some people driving in and out of Seattle saw Gerrard Maloney\'s Earth heat van, they called the company\'s phone number from their phones.
\"Really, we have someone to do that,\" Maloney said . \".
Like other energy alternatives.
With the soaring cost of energy, the source heat pump has won new admirers.
These pumps, also known as geothermal heat pumps, use a relatively constant temperature below the Earth\'s surface
In many cases, less than 6 feet
Introduce warm air into buildings in winter and remove warm air in summer.
Supporters say the systems can save building owners 25% to 65% energy costs while reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
Across the country, the owners of small businesses that make up the bulk of $2.
Ground 5 billion-
The source heat pump industry reported a surge in demand for its systems and services.
Advertising \"We in April of 2008 and began a and 2007 A as much as of work\" Tennessee nuo lun si, comfort engineering system the company president Bruce in Voula Bell said heat gas booster pump system of designers and installer.
Bill Betty.
The owner of Rockford Geothermal, Rockford, Illinois, said, \"If we continue to be on track, we may grow by about 40% this year.
\"All of this is accompanied by some growing pains in the industry, which aims to capture 30% of heating and air
Air conditioning market by 2030.
The installer said there was a huge backlog of orders from the system manufacturer.
Trained workers are becoming more and more difficult to find.
Nevertheless, Jim Bose, executive director of the international soil Source Heat Association, an industry and advocacy group, said, \"It\'s not a daydream. It can be done.
\"These systems use a water network --
Filling pipes laid horizontally (6 feet under)or vertically (
Often down 200 to 300 feet)
, Connected to the heat exchanger.
This technology can be used almost anywhere, on any type of building.
\"From Texas to the Arctic Circle, we have it all the time,\" said Bose, a professor of engineering technology at Homer State University in Stillwater.
Even without financial incentives from the government or energy utilities, John Shonder of the Department of Energy\'s Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee said, \"ground --
Lowest service life of source heat pump
In several cost studies I did for \"heating and air\", Cycle Cost
Air conditioning system. (
For more information on incentives, see www. dsireusa. org. )
These systems pay for themselves in three to eight years, depending on \"location and energy prices,\" Shonder said \".
In fact, the heat pump system may provide the greatest savings for the owners of commercial buildings, said John Lund, director of Geo-Lund
Hot Center at Oregon Tech.
\"Your heating and cooling load is quite large for commercial buildings, and the payback period may be two to three years.
\"While there is no comprehensive investigation into the heat gas booster pump industry, Doe\'s statistics on the equipment shipped tell an amazing story.
On 2003, the system manufacturer shipped 36,439 units.
In 2006, when data were available last year, manufacturers shipped 63,683 units.
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Oklaoma tte Oliver, marketing and communications manager, ClimateMaster, Orama city, the largest ground manufacturer in the United States
Source heat gas booster pump equipment, confirmed rapid increase in sales.
\"Between 2005 and 2007, our income grew by 200%,\" she said . \".
\"Our staff increased by 176%.
\"AdvertisementSimilarly, the main competitor of ClimateMaster, reports double
Executives said they were working on two shifts at Fort Wayne\'s manufacturing plant.
\"Finding reliable, compliant staff to train\" is a challenge for this rapid growth, Oliver said.
In addition, she said that there was a bottleneck in the installation of the system because \"the drilling workers were overwhelmed.
The place we were really hurt was the instructor.
\"Although equipment manufacturers say they are able to keep up with demand, many designers and installers have slowed down on part delivery.
\"All devices are custom made,\" says Maloney of EarthHeat . \".
\"There\'s a backlog of vendors, and some of them are six to eight weeks away from being able to send everything to us.
Last year, Gao-
The high density polyethylene pipes we use are really hard to find.
\"The expansion of the industry has also been hampered by the lack of trained contractors.
\"Right now, we don\'t have enough installers and enough rigs,\" said Jack deenner, executive director of geothermal national and international initiatives, an industry group in Washington.
\"I have booked for six months.
The contractor said there was also a shortage of employees.
\"The people we bring in are not necessarily people in the HVAC industry,\" Maloney said, referring to heating, ventilation and air.
Conditioning work.
\"We have to train them ourselves.
He said his 10-
Use Craigslist to recruit employees in Seattle.
\"Even people without skills are interested in learning because it is a growing industry,\" he said . \".
Beattie said Rockford Geothermal is keeping up with the pace by subcontracted \"a lot of sheet metal engineering and plumbing engineering.
He expects to hire 3 to 4 employees in the next 6 to 12 months.
If Congress passes and the president signs the renewable energy and Job Creation Act of 2008, the industry may find further growth in sales and workload.
The legislation, initiated by New York Democrat Charles Lange, who is chairman of the House fundraising committee, will provide up to $4,000 in tax credits to homeowners who have installed a soil source heat pump by the end of 2014. (
The bill does not help businesses. )
The House approved the bill on the 5 th and is waiting for action by the Senate.
To help the industry grow, DiEnna and others look forward to models like the workforce and contractor training program currently being developed at Hudson Valley Community College in New York.
The New York State Administration of energy research and development has funded these projects.
\"We need to get this industry to play the potential of at least 30% of the HVAC industry, and that\'s exactly what\'s happening now,\" DiEnna said . \".
\"Companies like ClimateMaster are increasing production.
States such as New York are participating in Labor development and contractor training.
More and more government incentives.
With this growth, moms and pop stores can benefit as much as any big company.
\"A version of this article was published in the International Herald Tribune on August 14, 2008.
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