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Axial piston pump is widely used in various fields

by:Suncenter     2020-08-07
Total efficiency for bh0 commonly. 850. On 9 type satiety. 2 direct axis type axial piston pump kinematics and traffic quality analysis 10, when the pump work under swash plate Angle for axial piston gas booster pump. Piston and cylinder rotate together on one hand, the cylinder body plane do circular motion, on the other hand, the relative cylinder reciprocating linear motion. The synthesis of the two movements, make the plunger axis in office a bit trajectory is an ellipse. In addition, the plunger also may have generated due to friction relative cylinder around its own axis rotation motion, the motion of plunger wear and lubrication tend to be more uniform and the benefit of the plunger kinematics analysis, mainly is the study of relative cylinder plunger reciprocating linear motion. Which analysis do relative movement of the piston and cylinder stroke, the speed and acceleration, this analysis is the study of quality pump flow and the basis of the stress state of the main parts. Hydraulic transmission is becoming more and more widely, with the development of industrial technology from time to time. As the heart of hydraulic pump hydraulic system is important positive displacement pump, but the plunger pump is the realization of high voltage, high speed and large flow of an ideal structure, the same power, the radial to the pump radial force and radial size large, large, often used in big torch, working condition of low speed, used as a pressure motor. Radial and axial plunger pump compact structure, small size, moment of inertia is small, so the speed is higher; In addition, the axial plunger pump is easy to be variable, can use many ways to automatically adjust the flow rate, large flow. Widely used in aircraft hydraulic system, control system and the aircraft engine fuel system. Hydraulic pump used in the aircraft in the main a type. Axial piston pump is widely used in engineering machinery, lifting, transportation, metallurgy, shipbuilding and other fields. On the air. Keywords: oil pump power plant, the axial plunger pump manufacturers, variable plunger pump manufacturers
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