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Axial piston pump manufacturer: learn to see to plunger pump which can solve 10 points

by:Suncenter     2020-08-10
Axial piston pump manufacturer: learn to see to plunger pump which can solve 10 points, the axial plunger pump maintenance experience rich return, will summarize a set of effective methods, allow yourself to rapid diagnosis of identifying causes of failure and the location. Usually, such precious experience in maintenance, are not openly share tell others, but to source hydraulic engineers more than 10 years of maintenance experience enrichment summary became & quot; Look at 6 to 4 & quot; 10 points method, in this share with those in need. As long as you remember to grasp and flexible use, basic can solve the problem of axial piston pump daily simple fault. : a, looking at the real phenomenon of axial piston pump work. Generally there are six: ( 1) Look at speed. See actuators have speed without changes and anomalies. ( 2) The pressure. The axial plunger pump pressure value of each pressure points in the size, pressure value whether the phenomenon such as fluctuations. ( 3) Look at the oil. Observe whether the oil cleaning, ever metamorphism; Whether the oil satiety requirements; The viscosity of oil is in line with the requirements; ( 4) See the leakage. The hydraulic pipe, valve plate junction, the tapping the protrusion of the hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump shaft end cover place whether there is leakage dripping and dirties. ( 5) The vibration. Look at the hydraulic cylinder piston rod or workbench etc. Phenomenon such as the moving parts work have no beating. ( 6) See the product. According to the processing of product quality, the motor working condition, the axial plunger gas booster pump working pressure and flow stability. Listening: using auditory discrimination axial plunger pump work is normal, etc. There are four listen: (in general 1) Listen to the noise of the axial piston pump work is too large; If there is a scream overflow valve and other components. ( 2) Listen to impact sound. Refers to the workbench hydraulic cylinder when reversing impact sound is too big; The hydraulic cylinder piston have hit the bottom of the cylinder; Are there any impact on the reversing valve reversing the voice of the end cover. ( 3) Listen to leak. To hear if there is a fine and oil plate internal continuous sound. ( 4) Listen to the sound. Listening to the hydraulic gas booster pump operation whether there is a knock. Key words: the axial plunger pump, axial plunger pump manufacturers, axial plunger pump manufacturers
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