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Choose the high quality oil pump electric eight major reason of the unit

by:Suncenter     2020-08-07
A good quality oil gas booster pump electrical units should have the following eight points: first, the pump power plant to do for the car, two rounds of car anti friction role, their needs are aluminium alloy, transformers and hardness of the shell. Second, lower noise, if the noise is too big, can be a preliminary judgement is something wrong with the machine, easy to cause the internal leak. Third: lower energy consumption, high quality oil pump electrical units are generally in good supply production, can stable operation, save energy. Fourth: oil pump used to conform to the mechanical requirements, or because the viscosity is too high, or too low, it will cause damage to the pump. Fifth: can adapt to high temperature, low temperature standard is - Between 30 to 125 degrees. Sixth: for manufacturers to save don't need maintenance, use rise a lot of time. Seven: pollution is small, can protect the environment and maintain the enterprise image of high quality oil pump power plant. 8: the quality of the oil pump units and the general price actually not much difference, when choosing we often because of saving a little money, and to choose the poor quality of oil pump units, the maintenance of the late is far higher than the price, so I hope you choose to pay more attention, more standard. No auxiliary flushing system or auxiliary flushing system setup is not reasonable mechanical seal auxiliary flushing system is important, it can effectively protect the sealing surface, cooling, lubrication, wash away the groceries, etc. Sometimes designers not reasonably auxiliary flushing system configuration, can not meet the sealing effect; Sometimes although designers to design the auxiliary system, but because there are impurities in the flushing fluid, washing fluid flow, pressure is not enough, rinse mouth position design is not reasonable, also can not meet the sealing effect. Vibration large mechanical seal slants big, lead to loss of sealing effect. But the cause of mechanical seal big vibration is often not the reason of mechanical seal itself, the other parts of the pump is the source of vibration, such as the unreasonable design of pump shaft, processing, bearing precision is not enough, the cause of poor coupling parallel degree, such as large radial force. cavitation causes due to the unreasonable pump set of operations as well as the import pump cavitation performance is bad, pump rotating speed on the high side, local cavitation occurred at the entrance of the gas booster pump, after the occurrence of cavitation, the oil will have bubbles, it will impact the outer surface of the mechanical seal face on the one hand, make its surface damage; On the other hand can make the match surface flow of membrane for static ring also contains bubbles, cannot form a steady flow of film, the dry friction of anastomosis for static ring, and the mechanical damage of sealing device. Machining precision machining precision is not enough, there are many reasons, have a plenty of the machining precision of the mechanical seal itself is not enough, the reasons to cause the attention of people, also easy to find. But sometimes other pump parts machining accuracy is not enough, the reasons, it is not easy to cause people's attention. For example: the pump shaft, shaft sleeve, pump body and increase the precision of the sealed cavity is not enough. The existence of these reasons for mechanical seal sealing effect is bad. Key words: oil gas booster pump power plant USES, oil pump electric unit types, and the oil pump power plant manufacturers
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