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Corrosion resistance of the submerged pump and disassembling process under the car

by:Suncenter     2020-08-16
Corrosion resistance characteristics of the submerged pump have? Corrosion resistance submerged pump for single-stage, single-suction structure of the type that hang a wall, with a bearing body, fixed plate, hydroelectric power component for receiving docking pump, liquid discharged by the outlet components, pump impeller for semi-enclosed impeller, the impeller leaves imported broaden consists of mixing leaves, strong water pump factory position under the pump is mainly characterized by liquid pump shaft with considering the bending stiffness, impeller, pump shell without bearing, strong water gas booster pump factory did not use the water pump seal, can transport material with large density solid particulate matter. Corrosion submerged gas booster pump is mainly used to environmental protection, new building materials, coal, municipal road engineering, thermal power, liquefied gas, coking, chemical plants, steel mills, mining, paper industry, chemical plants, food companies, and vapor concrete, such as dyeing factory jobs liposuction thick fluid, heavy oil, diesel, turbid liquid, mortar, mortar, sand and silt cities PaiWuGou way of theme activities, strong water pump factory and liquid with coal, desulfurization gypsum. Can also be used as chemical, pharmaceutical and other post liposuction with drilling mud residue of fluid mechanics and corrosive liquid. Corrosion resistant submerged pump under the disassembling process corrosion submerged pump according to the elastic coupling and motor connection, look from the motor bearing pump is clockwise, under my company an overview of the corrosion resistance of the submerged pump and under the disassembling process: 1, will be double row bearing is installed on the pump shaft, successively into the bearing bushing and bearing inner ring above. 2, with bearing of pump shaft into bearing body, install a bearing sealing cap unscrewing, hydrosphere. 3, successively the above bearings, bearing screw cap, bearing pressure, tight round nut. 4, adjust the bearing gap: the shaft to bearing, bearing body below the did not move. Fixed a round nut, and the other round nut is not fixed, using lever, dial indicator for the radial gap, general gap to zero. 015-0. 025mm。 Then, back tight nut and pump. 5, fitted with a connecting pipe, stationary plate, back cover, impeller, pump shell, the elbow and the outlet and stationary. Note: the impeller and the pump devices for the development space for 2 ~ 2. 5mm。 6, install a motor frame and motor with itu; That is, for the whole pump assembly line process. 7, the corrosion resistance of the submerged pump tear open outfit, in accordance with the above process carried out in turn.
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