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Corrosion resistant submerged pump clogged with what should I do?

by:Suncenter     2020-08-17
Corrosion resistant submerged pump clogged with what should I do? Corrosion resistance of the submerged pump plug is associated with piping layout. Piping layout without the short line, pipe bend and perspectives to cloth, specific piping at pump exit cone tube immediately after elbow expanded transport frictional resistance, led to the pump. There are also some application did not pay attention to during the whole process, no running water wet before underwater concrete pipe contains plastic hose, pipe concrete digestion and absorption of moisture, slump, friction resistance, improve underwater concrete in pump. Before the end of the underwater concrete, there is no clear clean lines, cause plugging gas booster pump. In large degree of liquidity in skew pipe concrete will automatically down due to the weight of the outflow condition, had cracks in the pipeline or by automatic outflow make concrete segregation and gas booster pump status. Corrosion resistant submerged pump steel pipe anticorrosion management methods at present general metal processing technology for metal surface coating corrosion resistance or anti-corrosion coatings, properties of anticorrosive coatings is also more idealized anti-corrosion effect, and basically all anticorrosive coatings are focus on anti-corrosion surface clear before. 1, corrosion resistant submerged pump solve technical oil removal: organic chemistry, surface on the surface of the stainless steel sheet plant oils, according to its characteristics can be divided into the saponification of two kinds of oil and the oil saponification, two kinds of vegetable oils are not dissolved water, and only based on melting, emulsion, electrolytic process or mechanical equipment to eliminate. Phosphating: put metal materials in the phosphating and soluble phosphate in dilute aqueous solution to carry out the appropriate solution, can't dissolve in metal material surface, good adhesion properties condensed phosphate film, the whole process into metal materials or polyphosphate ammonium sulfate solution, poly phosphate film is suitable for the bottom of architectural coatings. 2, corrosion resistant submerged pump spray surface mass ejection antirust processing to solve technical corrosion liquid gas booster pump pipe under the road on the surface of the metal material removal in general, there are special tools antirust processing and injection mass ejection antirust processing two kinds big, special tool driving force antirust treatment can be divided into manual type special tool cleaning method. Spray mass ejection antirust processing soil should have open Wells dry mass ejection and closed loop system.
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