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Corrosion resistant submerged pump design characteristics

by:Suncenter     2020-08-15
Vertical corrosion submerged pump belongs to a kind of centrifugal pump, the centrifugal pump's point of view, is the improvement on the performance of the submerged pump and come, make its performance greatly higher than that of submerged pump, the runtime stationarity is stronger. 55 ℃ below the pump can be used to transport water, rain water, iron oxide, water, sewage, corrosive liquids such as industrial waste water, sea water; After the special design can deliver 90 ℃ of the liquid. Widely used in tap water company, sewage plants, power plants, steel mills, mines and other industrial and mining enterprises, as well as the municipal water supply and drainage, flood control and drainage engineering, etc. Below to learn about the design features of vertical corrosion submerged pump and vertical submerged pump corrosion resistance conditions of use. Vertical corrosion resistance characteristics of submerged gas booster pump design 1, vertical submerged pump corrosion resistance to the vertical structure, reasonable design, compact structure, convenient, easy to maintenance. 2, impeller submerged in the medium, using the diverter collector. Section 3, pump shaft and inside and outside the tube is divided into many, intermediate coupling nut or coupling and coupling. 4, reasonable choice into length or according to customer requirements. Guide bearing lubrication protection pipe structure, clear water. 5, vertical corrosion submerged pump has a compact structure, stable work, simple operation, convenient maintenance, cover an area of an area small. 6, the advantages of high degree of generalization and standardization. 7, vertical corrosion submerged pump suitable medium for water, sewage, Containing small particles) , corrosive industrial waste water, sea water or similar liquid. Vertical corrosion liquid pump under the conditions of use: 1, submerged pump series products in the rated voltage of 380 v, the power frequency 50 hz for 2, medium or 40 degrees Celsius temperature, medium density 1150 kg/m3, or less in PH 5 - Between 9 scale; 3, are no more than 1000 meters altitude; 4, transport medium viscosity is not super 1000 cp; 5, commodity is necessary work run completely into the water, but shall not exceed 10 m diving depth; 6, commodity raw materials mainly for cast iron, can not be used in strong corrosive or rich strong corrosive medium. That is vertical corrosion characteristics and vertical submerged pump design corrosion liquid pump under the conditions of use of detailed introduction, vertical submerged pump corrosion resistance not only have great use in industry, and drinking water in the city, the fire of life, and the river, river, lake, sea water, etc, it has many USES, suitable for metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, papermaking, power plant, coal power stations and other places of industry and agriculture.
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