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emmanuel macron in hot water over french presidential swimming pool on the riviera-Suncenter-imgEnglish

emmanuel macron in hot water over french presidential swimming pool on the riviera

by:Suncenter     2020-09-16
Emmanuel Macron ordered the construction of a swimming pool on the grounds of the French president Riviera\'s holiday to avoid prying paparazzi, triggering opposition claims he gave himself at the expense of the poor
Mr. Macron, 40, has let people know that he intends to spend his holiday in Fort breggansong on the 17 th.
Century fortress overlooking the Mediterranean.
Charles de Gaulle and successive presidents used it, but it was no longer popular.
It is worth noting that the private beach here is easy to become the prey of paparazzi.
Macron\'s predecessor, Francois Hollande, stopped using breggansson after him --
Girlfriend Valerie triveller was captured in a swimsuit.
She reportedly sued French media for privacy violations, saying the photos made the presidential couple \"look fat \".
Mr Macron, who wants to turn breggansson into a French Camp David for a summer meeting with foreign dignitaries, has ordered a new kitchen for the fort.
Sources at the Elysee Palace say he now wants a pool to avoid paparazzi peeping into the president, his wife Brigitte and her three children.
Due to the cost of digging holes in the rock of the fort, he chose the ground swimming pool, and the presidential assistant said it was estimated to be 15,000 euros (£13,000)
The maintenance budget of € 150,000 per year will incur costs.
However, when Mr Macron\'s government was reducing housing subsidies for the poor, the opposition attacked the move as insensitive, a few days ago, he was filmed complaining about the benefits of the \"madness that puts some people in the cycle of poverty in France.
The 40-year-old Mr. Macron was often forced to deny the claims of the \"rich man\'s president,\" and last week it was reported that the Elysee Palace had spent about 500,000 euros to buy new pottery for the presidential palace.
He is reported to have traveled 110 km kilometers on an expensive private Falcon jet, and he has received more criticism.
In response to the news from the pool, French Socialist Party leader Olivier Faure said it was a \"symbol of cruelty \".
Mr. Macron, he said, \"further reduced the housing benefits of the poor, when a pool was built in Fort breggansong.
Like his politics, his pool will be overseas.
On the right, a Republican spokesman, Lydia Guirous, said: \"When the president asked France to make more efforts, his wasteful behavior was shocking.
\"The pool is by no means the first complaint against the cost of the party\'s presidential allowance.
Former president Nicolas Sarkozy sparked a complaint after learning that he had bought two ovens for his presidential plane Air Sarko One for 75,000 euros.
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