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Evaporation forced circulation pump selection

by:Suncenter     2020-08-15
Visible on the market at present the evaporation of forced circulation pump is called non-clog sewage pump, so is no jam in the true sense? Not necessarily! There are often a user's sewage pump before long in the sewage pool was debris plug lead to motor burn down, how to select sewage pump, for many users. Sewage pump selection points have? Sewage pump selection points? According to sewage gas booster pump selection points choose suits own evaporation forced circulation pump? Today, small make up to you about evaporation forced circulation pump selection and forced circulation pump specification parameter table. Evaporation forced circulation pump selection 1, is the most critical problem for sewage pump reliability problems, because of the need to transport medium is some mixed liquid containing solid materials, the question makes sewage pump in a sealed, selection of motor bearing capacity, bearing arrangement and requirements to be higher than the average pump, so in the selection, must know sewage pump seal reliability and carrying capacity. In order to improve the life of the sewage pump, now most of the foreign and domestic manufacturers are forced circulation pump of the evaporation to protect system, namely in the pump leakage, overload and overtemperature of failure can automatically alarm, and automatically stop for repair. 3, set in the sewage pump protection system is very necessary, it can effectively protect the safe operation of electric pump. But this is not the crux of the problem, the protection system is just after the pump failure of a remedy, is a relatively passive approach. 4, the crux of the problem should be from the root to thoroughly solve the problem of pump in a sealed, overload, etc, it is a more active way. Evaporation forced circulation pump selection principle 1, mechanical aspects of high reliability, low noise, small vibration. 2, economic to comprehensive consideration on the equipment and operation fee, maintenance fee, management fee of the total cost. 3, the types and properties of the selected device capacity and head, pressure, temperature, cavitation flow, process parameters, such as suction. 4, must meet the requirements of dielectric properties. 5, to carry inflammable, explosive or toxic or valuable medium pump, require no leakage of pump shaft sealing is reliable or adopted, such as magnetic drive gas booster pump, diaphragm pump, shielding pump. 6, to the pump forhandling corrosive mediums, convection components with corrosion resistance materials, such as: AFB stainless steel corrosion resistant pump, CQF engineering plastic magnetic drive gas booster pump. 7, evaporation of the forced circulation pump pump containing solid medium, the convection components using corrosion materials, shaft seals use clean fluid flush when necessary.
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