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Make the forced circulation pump evaporation causes of blocking and clear steps

by:Suncenter     2020-09-08
The principle of evaporation forced circulation co2 transfer pump evaporation forced circulation pump transportation liquid is not with the aid of centrifugal impeller centrifugal force of liquid, just by using rotating centrifugal impeller leaves China merchants to send liquid along the pump shaft bearing liquidity. After the pump shaft driven by the motor rotation, because leaves and pump shaft centerline has certain spiral Angle, will be released liquid and then along the tube out. When the liquid is released, the original parts to produce parts of vacuum pump, liquid under the effect of atmospheric pressure, outside will be sucked through along the inlet pipe in the centrifugal impeller. If you continue rotating centrifugal impeller, pump can breathe in and out of liquid. Evaporation forced circulation pump is caused by use of centrifugal impeller rotating along the pump shaft bearing level, in the merchants inviting work of which is also called the vertical axial flow pump. Key used in the method of sodium hydroxide, ammonium sulfate, the diaphragm co2 transfer pump calcium salt, lactic acid bacteria, lactic acid, 3 oxidation 2 aluminium, polyethylene wax, calcium chloride, ammonium chloride, sodium chlorate, molten salt, the sugar industry, papermaking industry, such as sewage, cooling, evaporation of manufacturing industry, extraction, in order to promote machinery and equipment production, improve the coefficient of thermal conductivity of heat exchanger for forced circulation system, which could be called axial fan volatile evaporation forced circulation pump. Vaporize forced circulation pump causes of blocking and clearing steps: hamper signs: shaft power near or higher than the motor rated power hamper reasons why: 1. Air conditioning evaporator inside the material liquid solid phase density increase, material degrees higher solution values; 2. Hair heat pipe fell crystals or crystalline blocks blocking hair heat pipe; 3. Choose too much traffic, pump under small traffic operation; Clear steps: 1. Liquid level meter to standard; 2. Cleaning air conditioning evaporator; 3. Vigorous pump rotating speed ratio; 4. Banned volatile solid liquid fire evacuation management system equipped with signs and volatile practice hamper natural environment: water pump seal revealed too much hamper reason why: crystal into the mechanical seal friction surface, sound ring damaged heavily. the clear steps: cleaning fluid pressure increase, such as sound ring surface has damage should be patched up or change. Hamper signs: pump too much vibration or noise interfere reasons why: 1. Air conditioning evaporator liquid level is low; 2. The normal into the whirlpool of material volatilize chamber into the steam pipe into the downflow circulating system; 3. Ye Zisong, tenacious scale centrifugal impeller; 4. channel side blocked by crystal blocks or dirt units. Clear steps: 1. Improve air conditioning evaporator liquid level meter; 2. Volatile chamber under add eddy dissipation clapboard or expand cone vortex elimination baffle diameter; 3. Mediation the leaves according to the set Angle and strong in mind, centrifugal impeller for balance; 4. Evaporation observation, forced circulation pump for washing filling and actual operation.
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