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montanans dig into the earth as heat bills soar

by:Suncenter     2020-09-13
Thanks to rising energy prices, Brian McGovern is nervous about his plans to double the size of the printing plant.
He thought for a long time about the heating bills, which have reached $500 a month at Insty printing in his city center.
He had to dig deeper in order to find a solution. Literally.
When his 5,400 was broken in Aprilsquare-
Foot store, 200-series
Deep holes will be drilled, allowing businesses to get the help of heating and cooling from the crust.
He expects his $500 bill to fall to $100 or less.
\"It will work very smoothly.
\"The ground can generate heat for free,\" McGovern said . \".
\"It makes sense to me.
I did a lot of observation and research before I did that.
\"McGovern is part of the growing trend for businesses, schools and families --
Heat and cooling.
Running an electric compressor is the only regular cost.
Unless there is a major volcanic activity or an ongoing ice age, the ground-
Kevin Nelson, owner of the Billings company Geo Tech, which designed and installed these systems, said the heat source is reliable.
From about 5 feet below the surface to more than 1,000 feet down, the Earth\'s crust temperature is stable throughout the year.
In Montana, the temperature is between 45 and 55 degrees.
Plastic pipes threaded deep into the ground carry antifreeze.
Four \"loops\" are usually required for the residence \".
The liquid is heated by the temperature of the surrounding earth.
It is then pumped back to the surface where heat is concentrated with the compressor and sent through the rest of the home.
The opposite is true in summer.
The system collects heat from home and injects it into the earth.
With the sun, Nelson says, the process helps gently heat the crust for the coming winter.
\"Anything we take out in the winter is easy to add in the summer,\" he said . \".
Peggy IBA of Glendive-said that a system that is no longer similar to alchemy, the more extreme the climate change between summer and winter, the better the system works, making Montana an ideal
Drilling company based in American Association of International Lawyers
\"You only need some reason,\" she said . \".
\"I really think this is something we really need to focus on in Montana.
\"For many, the downside is the initial cost of installing the system,\" Nelson said.
This is especially true for homeowners because a typical reason is
While traditional gas systems could cost $12,000
The stove system with air conditioning costs $6,000.
It will cost more to renovate the house.
Margins are much closer for larger buildings.
One of the largest buildings in downtown Billings, Transwestern 1, installed a ground
Nelson said that nearly 10 years ago, the source heating system recovered the cost in less than five years.
Profits in the residential system are also shrinking, especially for people using propane, and prices have soared this year.
A 1993 study by the Environmental Protection Agency said a typical homeowner would start saving money three to eight years after installation.
As heating and cooling account for 40% of the country\'s electricity consumption, the ground-
In the same EPA report, the source thermal system was hailed as the most painless and environment-safe way to reduce the country\'s electricity demand.
Skeptical consumers and low energy prices prevent these systems from taking a bigger share of the heating and refrigeration markets, Nielsen said.
Many people still think the ground
Source heat pump with old air
He said the source heat gas booster pump often fails and uses more power.
As technology advances and heating costs rise, ground energy is no longer concentrated in the same category as alchemy and aliens, he said.
\"The thermal energy on the ground is free, rich, and renewable,\" Nelson said . \".
\"This is a source that can and should be tapped.
The cost of energy really makes people realize this quickly. \"A 1,500-square-
Nelson says foot home can be heated and cooled for the whole year at around $30 a month for electricity.
Yellowstone Valley Power Co-op now has more than 400 residential customers using the ground
Diana Pupu, the company\'s member service representative, said the heat source
Op, provides services to about 10,000 customers in Huangshi rural areas. The co-
Op offers up to $1,000 rebate for customers installing the groundsource heat.
The state also provides tax credits of up to $1,000 for these systems.
\"These people like their heat pumps,\" she said . \"Unlike forced-
The air stove, which sends warm air into the house, the ground
Propp says the heat source is softer and the temperature fluctuates less.
Many people use it to heat the floor radiation.
Terry puver, who designed the systems for sound geothermal, said that the systems provide heating and cooling for $3 to $4 for every $1.
The efficiency of the best gas stove is 90%, which means that for every $1 spent on gas, there will be a dime on the chimney.
Puver says his 3,200-square-foot annual cost of heating and cooling
Walk home in Montrose, Colorado. , is $300.
\"The rewards for these big apps are impressive,\" he said . \".
\"Generally speaking, the larger the application, the higher the cost
The system is effective. \"Ground-
He said the source heat pump is proving itself nationwide, but many people still don\'t believe it.
McGovern said he is pleased that his new printing plant will have a reliable heating and cooling system that is relatively unaffected by rising energy prices.
\"The cost is certainly more upfront, but hopefully it will be rewarded soon as gas prices rise,\" he said . \".
\"I don\'t think the price of natural gas will fall to the level we used to see.
Another thing I love about this system is that it\'s very eco-friendly.
You don\'t burn anything.
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