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On the piston and engine camshaft

by:Suncenter     2020-08-21
The oil pump in the engine oil on the bearing under pressure in the internal combustion engine, the sliding piston pump power plant manufacturer and engine camshaft. So can be lubricated bearing, allows the use of high fluid bearing capacity, and help to cool the engine. , except for the main purpose of the lubrication oil pressure is increasingly used as a hydraulic fluid, for small power actuators. One is use in this way is used for the camshaft and valve driven hydraulic tappet. Recently more and more common purpose may include synchronous belt tensioner or used for transmission of variable valve timing system. Different type of pump. Gear pump cycloidal pump and the vane pump are common. Plunger pump has been used in the past, but now these pumps are seldom used for small engines. In order to survive to infusion pump always installed in the low post, whether it is submerged in the water tank or near the oil sump oil level. With a simple wire mesh filter short receiving tube to reach the bottom of the oil sump. For simplicity, the use of mechanical pump, driven by mechanical gear from the crankshaft. Reduce the pump speed is useful therefore usually from CAM ( If it is installed in the cylinder block) Or distributor shaft driven natural gas booster pump, the engine speed to make the half turn. Place the pump down use nearly vertical of the drive shaft, spiral bevel gear drive by a camshaft. Some engine, such as the fiat 1964 double CAM engine, start as OHV engine, the oil pump driven by the traditional camshaft in the cylinder block. When developing dual overhead CAM engine, retain the previous oil pump device and short axis camshaft become shorter. Even if the distributor locations from the previous block when installing a move to the installed on the cylinder head camshaft, oil pump drive will remain in the same position, did not use the distributor location now covered by the cover board. Small engines or scooters can be directly installed on the crankshaft gear pump. Key words: oil pump power plant manufacturers, oil pump electric unit price, the oil pump electric structure unit
Collectively, the effect of gas booster on industrial society has been to eliminate hydraulic pressure pump and drastically reduce the time long associated with hydraulic pressure pump.
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