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Swash plate design of the variable displacement axial piston pump is suitable for what

by:Suncenter     2020-08-29
Swash plate design of the variable displacement axial piston pump is suitable for the combination of hydraulic actuators, pump and motor running in the closed loop system. In the mobile machine trip - operation Harvester, concrete mixer, concrete paving compaction machine, etc. Swash plate design of the variable displacement axial piston pump used to natural gas booster pump and motor combination of hydraulic actuators, running in the closed loop system. They used to drive the moving machinery, such as the combine harvester, or rotating equipment, such as transportation stirring barrels, etc. Axial piston natural gas booster pump is compact and relatively easy to control. flow rate is proportional to the speed of cylinder block, displacement changes with the inclined plate location. As the swash plate in which sexual position either tilt in the opposite direction, the direction of flow reversal. Modular control valve adjusting a control combination of flexibility. Our organization participating in the provision of first-class axial plunger pump. The use of high quality steel and other basic materials, obtained from the authorized business suppliers. These pump used for agriculture and industry. To satiety the diversification of customer needs, we provide the size and specifications of the pump with economic price. Axial plunger pump manufacturer we provide a full range of displacement, control, pressure and configuration, is designed to satiety you a variety of application requirements. MH - Fluid mechanics proportional control system. Because of the control system, inclined plate in the desired location, which will flow in a preset level. 呃- - - - - - Electro-hydraulic 3 positioning control system. Used to drive open - the operating system Shut down - To open. Can provide large displacement control. HD - Hydraulic proportional control system. Due to the hydraulic pressure indicator, inclined plate in the desired location. Suspension or install equipment for pump flow need to adjust continuously challenged on the workload of machine. EP - Electric proportional control system. Because the proportion of two magnet current strength, displacement of stepless change. Keywords: axial plunger pump manufacturer contact way, axial piston pump manufacturer company address, axial piston pump manufacturer requirements
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