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When the unit pump electrical machinery problems, how should do?

by:Suncenter     2020-08-31
Check whether the rotor rotation is flexible, smooth and axial whether swimming, has all the normal sound, check whether there is any crack on stand, end cover, shaft with and without cracks or bending deformation. Check whether there is any jam on air duct, blades and radiator are in good condition. Check whether the bearing is loose or stuck. For larger capacity of the oil pump motor, air gap on the end cover is generally have a test hole, by measuring the air gap hole check whether the average of the air gap is not uniformity within 15%. Oil pump motor power operation, the use of the hand, ear, nose to smell, eye view method to check whether normal motor, etc. Once found abnormal shall be cut off power supply, in case of failure to expand. power plant using wear will happen, this is normal, but the wear for there are many unfavorable factors, the equipment is not conducive to the operation of the equipment, reduce the service life. Say happened pump power units under the impact of wear and tear of equipment. A result of internal oil leakage after the oil pump unit electrical wear stress result is its volumetric efficiency greatly low. Because Zhuo funeral all change into heat, thus get overheated oil pump. If task will combine plane compaction and so floating collar there will be a few activities and form wear, farming tools promote slow or means less promoted as a result, the need to change or repair Qi floating collar. Gear natural gas booster pump is pass by a pair of mutual rolling parameters and layout of involute gear meshing, the low pressure oil within the tank can rise to the high pressure oil tension components of doing work. So want to advocate the machine can be turned into mechanical hydraulic power. In short to the oil pump power plant maintenance and maintenance, should pay attention to when using the correct operation, to avoid wear and tear, at runtime causes the damage of equipment. Oil pump electrical maintenance of the unit: 1. water corrosion, so the water material forbids the use of vacuum pump machine. 2. Contains a great deal of material please solvent in the first place in the oven to remove most of the solvent, using oil pump vacuum again. 3. Using a vacuum pump in the correct order to prevent the phenomenon of the suction. 4. After using the vacuum drying oven, please be sure to do a good job in clean clean the window of the vacuum drying oven. 5. Wipe the surface of the oil to prevent rust. 6. Clean the chamber, the fuel injection pump in governor lumen rust-proof oil, add provisions brand of lubricating oil. 7. The inside of the fuel line rust-proof oil also shall be removed before use, will be connected to the fuel injection pump fuel line, should be constantly turn the fuel injection natural gas booster pump camshaft, until the oil valve seat tightly spewed clean fuel. Keywords: axial plunger natural gas booster pump manufacturers, axial piston pump manufacturer suppliers, axial plunger pump manufacturers
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